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The most recent travesty being pulled off by the airlines:
When you book your next trip, a bitterness will rest in your craw. It is not enough that America’s airport experience is what it is today, now layered over with a frosting of extra security.

  • It’s not enough that the airlines have gotten together (except for Southwest) to charge twenty-five bucks a bag, or more, per flight.
  • It’s not enough that the meals they used to offer have been replaced with pay-as-you-go boxed garbage.
  • It’s not enough that you must remain almost totally silent, while being treated by staff like stockyard animals for fear of being placed on some flight denial list.

Now the new monopoly of American flights comes to us all, hitting us where they intended it would. Right in the wallet. Where once you booked a round trip flight, checking to see what the best deal might be with the competitors, now you get that rate when you book alright, but then the airline online scammers wait for you to choose your return flight. You paid extra to have a bit more seat room, but that wasn’t enough either. Now, when you look to see what flight you might be able to come home on, the rates (except for one flight landing at sometime between midnight and six a.m.) are there for another price. Another hundred and fifty bucks, or more, to come in at a decent hour.

Nowhere will you find these additional numbers, unless you price out entire flights on the remaining airlines that are all doing the same thing. At what point will the American public revolt and do away with these insidiously thieving airlines? Names like American Airlines, United Airlines and more, used to invoke near patriotic support and fervor on the part of the public, but no more. Now they have become synonymous with names like Enron, Mobil, Exxon and Pfizer, all companies that don’t pay taxes, and don’t act like they give a damn about the public at all. At what point will the American public call for their dissolution? Let them all go offshore, and stay offshore, to the point where they can’t do business in the United States anymore. These companies have become alien and they need to be treated that way.

Fly Southwest.

It’s the only holdout, which is why its become the most successful airlines of all.

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