Who are those guys, anyway?

Daniel F. Dooley?

Representing Lake Geneva Properties LLC, which is either a North Carolina Company started in 2013, or a Washington State Company started in 2011, or a Wisconsin Company started in 2006.  All agented by different people, representing who knows who? Daniel F. Dooley is a name that comes back to a realtor with an office in downtown Chicago.  This is all about the ever deepening mystery of Hillmoor Golf Course.  Michael Ford, also with an office in downtown Chicago, supposedly bought Hillmoor, but the place still appears for sale in real estate advertising for five million dollars.

Meanwhile Mr. Dooley and Mr. Ford have applied for a change to Lake Geneva’s Comprehensive Plan so they can do what?  Well, what will zombie-seeming strangers do with the zombie dead property, located on the north side of Highway 50 across from the Catholic Church, up on Catholic Hill?  It’s about time the Lake Geneva City Leadership got its bearings straight.We need to find out a  little more about who these people really are, and what they intend, before they change a damned thing anywhere, anytime.

Care for Lake Geneva, that fabulous non-profit operation truly interested in conservancy around the lake, is being offered a settlement by the City of Lake Geneva.  CFLG sued the city a few years back and spent over a hundred thousand dollars pursuing justice.  CFLG (Care for Lake Geneva) alleged that the city had engaged in contract zoning (it’s illegal to zone in favor of a property owner, in order to induce that owner to build something) and also for hiding all the relevant paperwork upon which contract zoning might have been recorded.  What’s the settlement?  Nobody’s announcing just yet, but you can take it to the bank that the city will not be forthcoming, or open to the public about what took place, or it would not have required six figure expenditures to bring them to the table at all.  There’s some bad faith emanating out of Lake Geneva’s City Hall and this lawsuit is another indicator of that.

On Monday night the City of Lake Geneva Planning Commission quietly, and without fanfare or discussion, annexed the property located at the corner of Townline Road and Highway 120, into the city.  Another development coming? What form will the development take?
Unknown at this time.
Somehow, property development in this part of the world has morphed intoone of prior approvals based upon undisclosed plans, instead of approvals or denials based upon the merits of completed plans.  The Geneva Shore Report is not opposed to real estate or business development, but it remains bitterly opposed to cloaked and secret deals, conducted almost entirely under the table, and usually against the public interest.

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