When Bryan was nailed to the cross at the top of the high hill by the Romans in the Monty Python Movie the Life of Brian, his band of followers met beneath the cross to inform him that they couldn’t save him from the cross because they needed a martyr. They walked away, to Bryan’s deep disappointment. He looked up from their disappearing backs to stare around at the stunning view his position afforded, and then he smiled. “You’ve got to look on the bright side,” he said to himself with a laugh.

A note written to the editor by local activist and reporter Terry O’Neill:

It’s not “what” but “where” you think that matters.

Most people think within the box. It gives society its stability. It’s a comfort zone that is compatible with one’s life, and the society in which one lives.

A few people see and think outside the box. These are entrepreneurs and risk takers who are willing to adventure on their own path. They are the engine of society, and they keep it alive and vibrant by renewing it.

Around the box is a Circle. This is where creative people reside, and it’s where new ideas, thoughts and products are created. They advance the society, and enable it to evolve and improve as it moves into the future.

Around the circle is a Triangle  This where people of vision reside and where the future of mankind is created. These are the people that impact the whole society. They alter the direction of society, and often determine its path for generations to come.

Beyond the Triangle   This is a place that you may not want to go, because society locks those people up.

And so, the little girl would not go to sleep because, after all, the world from her perspective in her darkened crib at night was just too interesting to sleep through. Meanwhile, her parents also lay awake in the adjoining room, because little Lisa would not keep the noise from her enthusiasm down to a bearable level. For the third time, her Dad Michael went into the next room to reason with Lisa, since yelling from the other room only produced more volume on Lisa’s part. Mike stared glared down at Lisa’s little blond head, barely illuminated by rays of the full moon coming through a nearby window. “You’ve got to keep it down Lisa. You have to let your mom and I go to sleep. I have a big day tomorrow.” That fix seemed to work, as only silence emanated from Lisa’s room for many minutes. Just as Mike and his wife were about to drift off to sleep, however, a very low little voice penetrated through the bedroom wall. “Big day,” Lisa whispered from her crib. “Big day,” she said, her voice growing in volume until finally she was jumping up and own in her crib yelling “Big Day!” at the top of her voice.

There’s a Big Day up ahead in Lake Geneva’s night. It’s going to happen on the 24th of August, and the bigness is going to go down at the Town of Linn city hall, at 7:00 p.m.

Go there, if for no other reason than to watch the fireworks.


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