Civil unrest, protest and disagreement.

Those three things are fundamental to preserving freedom, and are required in order to have a ‘more perfect union,’ according to the founding fathers of the United States. What does that mean when it comes to living around Lake Geneva, Wisconsin? People put up protest signs in their front yards to support or complain about other people and issues. People do the same with advertising in local newspapers, and attending political meetings and rallies. Finally, there are some people who protest protesting. These are the common ducks of discontent that eat away at the foundations of America’s freedoms. A photo of such a discontented duck’s work is in this issue of the Geneva Shore Report. Someone had skid their car up to a yard sign they obviously didn’t agree with, and damaged the lawn to make their point. The yard sign protest is well within the tolerable limits established in the U.S. Constitution. The skid through the lawn is not. People feel strongly about many things, and the right to display those feelings is part of what makes America great. Trying to figure out just what format a protest may take, when it comes to action, is difficult and can be problematic. Generally, it is best for everyone if a protest is undertaken in such a manner as to cause physical harm to no one, or anything else. Tough call. The person driving the car made a bad call, but then there’s nothing new in that either.

Rezone Geneva Inn

The protesting skid mark where someone stopped their car to let the people owning the house where the sign was up that they weren’t communicative enough to respond in any way but by ‘grunting’ with their car. Automotive “Duh!”


New Rule: Start every City Council and Plan Commission Meeting with the city’s mission statement, and a dose of empathy. No, make that a double dose of empathy!
Because the Lake Geneva mission statement is about preserving the charm and character of the city, by the careful control of land use and development. The standard by which every City Government decision should be made. The dose of empathy is to remind Lake Geneva residents that we are all part of a community that cares about, and protects, each other. And the extra dose of empathy is for the decision makers to imagine what the feelings are of the people they are passing judgments for, on and about. But that didn’t happen at last Monday night’s eight-hour bloodbath at City Hall. There was a war, but the sides were far from equal, so it was not a fair fight. Mayor Gumby Connors, Attorney Dan (The Don) Draper and council president “is there anyone in there McFly!” Kupsik teamed up with the Lake Geneva School District to make mince meat out of the heroic people living around, and trying to defend, the historic Maple Park area.

The Mayor and his cronies insist on having more parking slots in the city, and will do anything it takes to get those slots, including destroying neighborhoods. The school district is no longer in the teaching business, but is now in the development business, and they wanted their own special parking lot next to the Central-Denison School. So it was a match made in heaven; the City and the School District, but the result was hell for Historic Maple Park. The school district’s strategy to get their own special parking lot changed dramatically Monday night when they played the ‘fear card,’ because fear as a motivator almost always works. The school board argument went from a parking lot for teachers to a parking lot for the “safety of the children.” The school district lined up a group of string controlled puppets that gave the appearance of being teachers, and convinced some of the not so convinced Lake Geneva Planning Commission members to vote for a change in the comprehensive plan to allow for the parking lot. John Gibbs, Tyler Frederick, and Cindy Flower saw through the “safety for the children” ruse and voted “no.” But that wasn’t enough to save Historic Maple Park from the wrath of Gumby Connors, and his cabal of cronies’ campaign to pave Lake Geneva with parking lots, one German Goose-stepping block at a time.

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Special Joint Meeting Lake Geneva Council

Listen My children and you shall hear the twisting and turning of the elected officials bowl right over the wishes of residents


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