The vote to break apart the Town of Linn’s Comprehensive Plan for the a developer was a success, or at least the planning commission voted successfully to recommend the break up to the town board with thanks to Cully Pillman, Jim Weiss and Denise Sheldon. This stunning vote was made right in front of most of Town of Linn’s collected residents who were obviously opposed to such an action. The three planning committee members (Cully, Jim and Denise) should not be faulted for courage. They should only be faulted for being unfair, slanted toward the wealthy, and hopelessly ignorant about such things as annexation and taxation.

The Cully Pillman nuclear bomb.
For those of you who don’t know, Cully is the gun guy who lives over on Highway 120 where it turns off the bypass to head down into Illinois. He runs a tree and plant nursery called Woodhill Farms. He also sits on the Town of Linn Planning Commission. On Monday night, in support of allowing the Geneva Inn to break open the Town’s Comprehensive Plan like an egg dropped from to the floor from a kitchen counter, the real Cully Pillman reared his head to inform the collected citizenry of the town that they were merely the “audience” to his committee’s show. When told by another more reasonable and rational committee member (Alex Palmer) that the collected citizens (over a hundred concerned residents showed up for the meeting hauling in over 400 signed petitions with them) that the people of Town of Linn appeared to be opposed to granting the plan, Cully said this: “I don’t care if I’m outvoted by a margin of fifty to one by these people, I can take the heat!” Well, Mr. Pillman, here’s some heat.



Cully Pullman

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Jim Weiss

Jim the Weiss Guy

Cully Pillman is the man on the committee who, after the public was allowed to vociferously and unanimously (except for the Inn’s owner well paid attorney “2nd Story” Torhorst) oppose the plan, announced the elephant supposedly sitting in Town of Linn’s living room. Annexation was his word and the City of Lake Geneva was portrayed as Cully’s ISIS of evil. From Cully’s standpoint, Lake Geneva is just sitting out there waiting to swoop up any and all revenue generating properties. The fact that not one soul apparently contacted anyone in authority in Lake Geneva leadership to discuss the likelihood of this potential move was ruled beside the point by Cully Pillman and his willing to-go-along pal Jim Weiss. Weiss only rhymes with wise from Wise Guys, he isn’t giving the appearance of having real wisdom or even any of the street stuff we all observed in the movie. Weiss came fully aboard on labeling the City of Lake Geneva as the lake’s trolling Destroyer, sailing just offshore of the Geneva Inn and ready to level it’s annexing guns at any opportunity.

Cully Pillman runs a nursery out there just off of Highway 120, along with his firing range where they shoot .50 Caliber machine guns most Sunday morning and .30 Caliber Brownings. The nursery is all quite legal and the shooting range attended by sheriff and police friends of all kinds, so it has to be legal too. It is no wonder that Mr. Pillman is afraid of nobody and no one in the Town of Linn. He’s holed up right in the heart of the Town loaded for bear. Go on out and see him. Mr. Pillman also sells eggs fresh from his chickens. Go armed, since Wisconsin is a conceal carry state. Check the carton for cracked eggs…but even armed don’t tell Mr. Pillman if you find any. Just pay and shut up because that is the very forceful message Mr. Pillman delivered very forcefully to his “audience” on Monday night. If you ever forget that you do live very much in the country then go visit Mr. Pillman’s nursery and gun range to have things brought right back in perspective about what it means to live in Walworth County, Wisconsin.


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