Looking on the Bright Side


New community contact center. The little Chamber of Commerce “Kincaid” house at Flat Iron Park is getting a makeover. The interior is going to be gutted to make the place into a community contact center. New people coming into town will be directed there (somehow) to get an idea about

Chamber Office

527 Center St, Lake Geneva, WI

what Lake Geneva has to offer. The front desk person will be an enthusiastic expressive person with a great personality, seemingly as opposed to who sits and represents the town and Chamber now. The “real” chamber offices are now in their Center Street location right next to Mayor Chessen’s house. Ex-mayor Chessen, arguably the worst mayor ever to grace a leadership position in any town or city across the entire state of Wisconsin, is doing some rebuilding at his home.

There is no doubt that Lake Geneva’s Germanic bull dog of a building inspector, Ken LUF Robers (Lighten Up Francis) is all over the former mayor about acquiring and living up to using the proper permits, since the house will be reflective of the place next door, which is supposed to represent Lake Geneva itself. It doesn’t take a genius to see the hand of David Lindelow, the Lakes Area Chamber’s new Chairman of the Board, to determine why the old building at Flat Iron Park is being revamped and repurposed. The guy’s sharp as a tack and knows how to deal with people. David runs the Abbey like the fine tuned operation it was always meant to be. The Geneva Shore Report will be watching, not only the redevelopment of the chamber building, but to make sure that ex-mayor Chessen isn’t up to his old tricks, that back in the day ended up costing the city millions of dollars. The whole Mirabel-Hummel affair, costing many millions of dollars, and leaving the City of Lake Geneva with that white elephant chunk of Town of Linn property still hanging from its neck, should have been laid right at that mayor’s feet. But no, he and “I’m still here” Dennis Jordan passed the seven-year burn rule and those old records went up in smoke.

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