Looking on the Bright Side


The middle lane about to be inserted into the center of Highway 50, starting at the White River bridge and running all the way up Catholic Hill, is set to begin construction this spring.   It will be most interesting to see what kind of labor force is gathered together for that job. Five hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($550,000) has been set aside to complete this task. The lane is needless and will do little or nothing to improve traffic, but no matter. It’s been voted on and is coming.
Now attention must be focused on just how much of the money for the project actually is spent on the project and where the rest goes.
The Geneva Shore Report X-Files Investigators are on it!

Grandest Person

Robert Palka Lake Geneva

Robert Palka, is the guy you’ll see behind the counter at the Marathon Station & Auto Clinic on Broad St. He’s quite a guy and quite the mechanic! No job , big or small , Robert is glad to get you back on the road.

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