by James Strauss


The world is filled with human weaponry, and not just the physical manifestation of those devices. Since the dawn of mankind, going back at least hundreds of thousands of years (wherein humans were not too much different than they are today) the weapon of speech as a motivational force has been the single most effective and dangerous weapon ever invented. The inventions of electronic media devices and systems, from radio, television, cell phones and the Internet, have created good things, but rather also the power of that weaponry. Quite possibly due to the ever-sharpening refinement of these social transmission devices, the rise of Donald Trump and others of similar ilk are serving as a flagrant illustration of this, revealing how the verbal and written delivery of human thought can devastate, hurt, and change. Trump’s rise, and staying power, is effectively guiding an unaware and ignorant segment of the human population.

Fuel Air Explosives (Sometimes called thermobarics) are words used to describe a strange, but entirely effective group of weapons invented by American scientists during the Vietnam War. Their true effectiveness and lethality were not revealed until they were sparingly used in the Middle East during some of America’s ‘sand, oil and cave’ wars, that are still going on. The F.A.E. weapon is a bomb, much like the verbal bombs dropped by Donald Trump. The weapon is actually nothing more than a big container of gas (again, not unlike the presidential candidate) that is dropped over an unsuspecting group of people below. The gas is blown apart by special explosives designed to spread the ‘cloud’ as far and wide as possible, while not igniting the explosive material. Once the gas is fully expanded (which occurs almost instantly) a special detonator is set off, exploding the cloud and creating a huge concussive wave devastating everything in and around where the bomb was dropped or delivered.

Mr. Trump serves as a great example of how the media and this new electronic communications system can be used to create devastation all around, after which shocked survivors can be directed into or out of areas uncomfortable or unprofitable to the deliverer of such a device. Take Mr. Trumps recent comment about torture. When queried about waterboarding Mr. Trump dropped his F.A.E. by mildly commenting about how he would not disapprove of waterboarding if he were elected president. That was Mr. Trump dropping the gas container. He then commented that he was not opposed to torture as a tool against terrorism. That was the igniting of the gas cloud. Finally, Mr. Trump indicated that he would also support the use of much more punishing, violent and medieval methods of physical torture, and he didn’t limit the potential use of such horrid old methods to terrorism.

Chaos spread out over the airwaves. The media pundits were slain where they sat, commentators blown back and away, and more distant less damaged media personages left murmuring, “what did he say?” and, “did he really say that?” while still reverberating from the effects of the huge explosion.

Mr. Trump did not drop that thermobaric bomb by accident. Mr. Trump, and a few of the other candidates in this current election process, have been well taught by wizened advisors about how human communications really work, and how unimportant factual recitation really is in determining who among humans is going to be a leader and who is going to follow, willingly or unwillingly as the case may be. Mr. Trump has dropped more than one F.A.E., and the effects of his assault on American humanity has achieved the desired result dictated by his highly paid advisors. Fear. Mr. Trump’s opponents are so afraid of him that only a few days ago, after lavishly throwing his support behind Trump, Chris Christie was told ‘off mic” to get on his plane and go back home. Mr. Trump actually pointed at Mr. Christie’s plane on the tarmac, so there could be no mistake about whom was the leader and who was the follower. Like Sarah Palin before him, Mr. Christie bowed his head, bent his back and shuffled over to the steps leading up to his plane’s fuselage. He turned to look back once, briefly, his expression a perfect illustration of how the verbal thermobaric bombs Mr. Trump drops cause such devastation to any who survive their use.

Almost all of this year’s presidential hopefuls are following a template established by Dick Cheney, to a quite successful end, when he served as vice-president. They’ve said something earlier in life or their career, which is dutifully recorded, on tape or video. Later they say something that is diametrically the opposite. When accused of lying, with the earlier video or tape used as evidence, the person denies saying it. With the tape right there, playing next to them they deny what they earlier said, not by modifying or taking it back, but by saying they never said it. That is wholly illogical, and impossible for most humans to accept. However, emotional thermobaric bombs when orally delivered (i.e. dropped and exploded) cease to shock, amaze or cause many members of the surviving public to even scratch their heads. Instead these fervent followers merely write the earlier verbal or visual presentation off as an anomaly, and move ahead in their support of the lying candidate.

The discovery of the effectiveness of dropping F.A.E.s by advertising people, spin doctors and political handlers, is not only changing the landscape of human leadership selection, but it is also changing the fabric of American society. ‘What isn’t so’ is becoming inextricably bound to ‘what is so.’ The results of scientific methodology are being disregarded, or placed on the same level of believability as those of ‘gut feeling’ or theory, based upon no facts whatsoever. It is almost like those things that are said and recorded are being given only equal credit and believability as those things that are said in an attempt at denial, not superior credence. At what point, if lies no longer exist to be debunked and accountability for telling them affirmed, is truth the ultimate casualty? Is the American social condition, and eventually its physical condition, to follow the scientific method right down to the experimental level? In science, when things that are untrue are discovered, those untruths are shown not to be true, so the truth of an experiment can appear and be validated. Can a society survive wherein all lies are taken as truth only waiting to be proven so that the true state of affairs can be arrived at? The humanity of such a process, poring over from the scientific to the social, cannot be considered without discussing deliberation and direction. It is true that sometimes in scientific methodology untruths are intentionally introduced to rule them out, thereby making it easier to more clearly see the truthful result. However, can this process be applied to directing the cultural conditions of a human society with any expectation of success? It cannot. Unchecked emotion leads to disaster, and almost any human will attest to that, no matter where such emotion is found or exhibited.

The scientific method (so laboriously invented and refined), is sustained in every human culture, and has derived much of its success from the removal of emotion from its process. There is, though, no possibility that emotion is ever going to be removed from the process of humanity choosing its leaders. The only defense against these emotional F.A.E. thermobarics bombs so well illustrated by Donald Trump’s run for the presidency, is in recognition of ‘what is being done’, ‘when it is being done’ by the mass media. Followed by a rejection of the person or persons directing the dropping of such life-threatening bombs. Is the media up to the job of this type of monitoring, and then taking it further and moving in to help save the public from this new weaponry? Not so far. The results of the use of this new audio and visual weaponry will play out in the very near future, as all of mankind’s many and varied cultures attempt to devise survival strategies for conditions no one alive today, or over the past three and half millions years of man’s development, could have predicted or had any inkling might exist.
~James Strauss

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