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Those things out there you get to hear nothing about…and why.
On Tuesday night there was a silo fire on a farm just west of Highway 120. What happened? Nobody knows, certainly not the public. The roads were blocked for a mile in every direction, and no members of the public were allowed in including members of the press. What does that mean for you, and what is the result of this over-enthusiastic reaction by police and fire departments? It means you don’t get to know what’s going on in the community around you. Or if you do, then it’s only much later.

Why is the media allowed in some of the time (certainly not all), and not the public in general? So that widespread coverage can be provided of the rescue, police and fire protection the communities that surround Lake Geneva pay for, without their being a whole crowd of bystanders endangered. When those agencies dedicated to saving and protecting are there for the public in times of need are not open about what they are doing, then the kind of reputation the Chicago Police Department has gained begins to predominate.

By and large, the departments surrounding Lake Geneva, police and fire, do an outstanding job and have great reputations. Maybe only excepting Chief Olson’s poorly led outfit over there in Fontana. It would behoove all the departments to be as open as possible, as understanding how these emergencies develop and are responded to allows the public to be a part of what they do, increasing the likelihood of better funding and greater appreciation of the services they work so hard, and at times dangerously, to provide.

Political Rally Walworth

Trump No Show Political Rally Walworth County

The rally that never was in Elkhorn. Who showed up? Paul Ryan, denying Trump “three times before the cock crowed at midnight” had on hand some truly whacked out supporters. Here’s one with a sign he might want to rethink having showed up with one day soon.

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