Letters to the Editor

About the recent barrel racing event:

People should have seen the Badger Equestrian Team having a private homecoming at our district competition. They had to miss it to be at the event and held a dance on the barn. It was amazing. They put on homecoming dresses and had pictures with their horses and music and food and drinks.

Kelly Waldo-Kurtz, resident of Sharon


About the Yerkes article and Video:

Brings back memories , I was there when I was a kid living in Chicago..my best friends grandfather worked there at the time..so they invited me to go there with them…I was in awe….that was a special treat…Yes, a good childhood memory….

Lorraine Owens resident of Burlington


About the recent Trump non-event in Elkhorn:

They didn’t want to waste their time, once they knew the expert reporting of the Geneva Shore Report was going to be there. Lol. Go Trump. If you truly knew how to be a real reporter then you know the number one rule. Don’t believe it unless you seen it. A true reporter stays neutral.

Chuck Wagnar Illinois resident

About the recent Trump non-event in Elkhorn:

Ppl who are ignorant amaze me… BOTH candidates suck…. Lesser of two evils…. And so what if Bill got laid while in office…. Its documented that FDR had many affairs while in office. FDR wife didn’t even sleep in his bed with him the whole presidency…. Does that make him a bad president.. No! Come on ppl.

Shane Hinrichs resident of Delavan

About Halloween:

How sick can people be to get enjoyment out of people being scared for their safety? Halloween is the time for scaring but in a fun way. These clown siting are truly disturbing and I hope it stops soon. People sure know how to ruin a fun holiday.

Hanna Hoyt local resident

About the recent Rump non-event in Elkhorn:

People didn’t show up because Trump was uninvited, shame on Paul Ryan Believe me if Trump was there everybody who bought tickets including myself would have showed up

Danell Vincenti Lake Geneva resident


About managing editor Strauss’ story of Vietnam running on jamesstrauss.com

James, every man who served in Nam should be awarded the Purple Heart, we all left something their, we all brought something back with us, I can still hear the C 130’s flying low over us, dropping their Orange, I was Army, but we did our fair share, The Marines had it very very tough, great warriors, As a matter of fact, I owe my life to the corps, we were dug in at Vung Ro beach, three battalions of NV regulars were marching toward our position, in between us and the VC were a reinforced company of Marines, The Marines were told to stand down and wait for the 1st Cav Air Mobile to arrive at sun up, The Major commanding the Marines said, “Marines don’t wait for the Army.” He attacked, suffering high casualties on both sides, if he would have waited for the choppers it wouldn’t have been as bad, but we’d have been dead. May God bless all Marines and all servicemen and women: “Once a Marine Always a Marine.” Gung Ho, Gung Ho, do or die, Semper Fi.

Frank Notariano USMC Chicago, Illinois

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