Here’s a letter the Geneva Shore Report received from the man who currently runs the City of Lake Geneva Street Department. 


The letter’s not so good, but then it is written to the GSR.  The man who wrote is a really good man though so the staff is alerted and paying attention.

“Good afternoon,

As reported in your 11 Feb., 2015 issue, the City of Lake Geneva Street Department does not and did not construct an ice skating rink on Geneva Lake during Winterfest. (I will admit, I am not a subscriber, this was brought to my attention).

As anyone who did a tad bit of research would know, the area in question was in fact a race track for Human Dog Sled races in which the Street Department did not construct that either.  In the future feel free to check with me before reporting inaccuracies.  If I mess up, feel free to report it, I do not now, nor have I ever declared to be perfect. One thing about me you should know is I always make the decision I feel appropriate at the time. One more thing you should know is I always take responsibility for aforementioned decisions, right or wrong. Too bad more people don’t do that instead of deciding to do something with no consequences or to fulfill a personal agenda.

Thanks, Tom.”


The GSR responded to this man’s complaint as best it could. 

It was beyond the ability of our reporters to consider that other private entities might plow out a place for skaters to enjoy the ice.

We were wrong.

It is best never to admit to being a subscriber to the Geneva Shore Report, so we applaud your good judgment, although lying about such a think wouldn’t be much of a big deal to the staff either.  We believe you are a man who speaks his mind and no such newspaper, such as the one you are not reading this week either, would write anything else.”

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