Op/Ed By J. Strauss


All human life is ruled by logic. It is not. In fact, logic plays a very small role in almost all human conduct. Humans will run off and believe something as dumb as vaccination being unsafe for children, in spite of the fact that they know the only study ever done on the subject was fraudulently performed by a doctor who had already lost his license. Humans discover such facts (like about the doctor) and then refuse to use them in their process of building a survival belief system. There can be no doubt whatsoever that the earth is a sphere and that it travels around what we call the sun, yet there is a society devoted to discussion about beliefs that center around the planet of earth being a flat surface. Scientologists believe that aliens are distantly in charge of everything on earth yet the ‘religion’ has several hundred thousand extremely avid followers.

How does illogic come to play such an important and instructive place in human life?

How is it that totally fallacious information can be put in front of the public and be believed? Or if disbelieved, followed anyway. The reasons for this seemingly illogical paradox exists is because of gain and economic worth. False beliefs always profit someone. If they don’t profit they probably at least pay expenses. The man who did the fraudulent study of vaccines is known worldwide, not because of the fact that he deliberately spread rumors that kill children, but because he’s seen as being a messiah to a small group who committed to believing something they probably know to be wrong but refuse to admit in any conscious way. Illogic does not survive simply because something illogical is discovered to be just that.

When humans first broke the sound barrier many believed that anyone going that fast would instantly die. When Chuck Yeager went faster than sound in the early fifties the people who believed he would die simply refused to believe he’d gone that fast. The same kinds of illogic are running wild all around us today. Two years ago the scientists at CERN in Switzerland/France discovered that the speed of light is not the limiting speed in the universe. Their work was repeated and confirmed. Then it was denied by the scientists running things who shuddered to lose funding or change things. Today it is like the experiments were never done.

A year ago the National Ignition Facility announced that it had reached ‘break-even’ in a fusion power experiment. This announcement should have created a media furor and initiated the immediate construction of fusion reactors. It did nothing of the sort. The announcement was simply ignored. Two weeks ago the top-secret labs of the U.S. government indicated that they were using fusion power to power some satellites. That information was ignored by the mass media, as well. Fusion power is not nuclear power. Fusion is the complete conversion of matter to energy instantly and in tiny amounts. There is no radiation to speak of. Free power. For everyone. Forever.

And yet there’s no mass media coverage and no follow-up to bring fusion to the public.

Why are such discoveries cloaked in silent denial? They’re treated this way simply because there is profit in keeping them secret. General Electric, a producer of electricity and electrical equipment, owns one sixth of all mass media. Why would they want to rock the boat with respect to energy sourcing, costing and profit? They wouldn’t and they didn’t and they won’t. Oil will probably be pumped from under the ground, continue to be owned by select people who shouldn’t own it, and sold to the remaining humans at outrageous prices until it is all gone.


Absolutely, but only from the perspective of human beings who might benefit (read profit) from apply logic instead of denying it.

If a baseball player slides into first base he’s considered a complete idiot. There is no logic to sliding into first base since making the base on a struck ball seldom involves being touched out. A runner going to first base wants to run as fast as possible to touch the base before the first baseman can catch the ball and touch the base before him. Yet imagine a scenario wherein the designer of special baseball uniforms and equipment, designed to help players slide into base, sold these extremely expensive items to team owners? The designer then moves to lobby the baseball team owners to change the rules and require that runners to first base be touched out. Pretty soon, with the designer’s success at lobbying, reinforced by the owners paying a lot of money for new equipment, the rules of the game of baseball are changed. Illogical? A watching public would find the change they saw taking place right in front of their eyes as being illogical but the designer, manufacturer of the equipment, and the team owners would see the whole thing as intensely logical.

America is following this kind of logic, as it heads ever more deeply into this new millennium. Wars are fought wherein trillions of dollars are spent and thousands of troops and civilians die using logic more damaged than the examples illustrated here. Halliburton and Dick Cheney thought the war in Iraq to be one of the most logical ever fought. Dick sits fishing with secret service agents on his private river in Wyoming celebrating the application of Iraq war logic. There are war logicians at work right this minute attempting to justify going back to war in Iraq.

The only kind of logic that can be considered by an informed thinking public today is a logic analyzed and evaluated with its foundations well grounded in profit, compensation and revenue. If you, as a thinking caring American, don’t understand this then you will very soon be cheering your favorite baseball players as they attempt to slide into first base.

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