There are cities of hope. There are American cities of  high-density population with strong beating hearts thumping together. The leaders of many of what are called ‘sanctuary’ cities, those cities that do not put up with the federal regulations requiring police to check for and detain those without proper identity papers, have declared that they will take all the new immigrants this national government can send them. These cities are putting one thumb to their nose and then snapping that thumb toward the dancing twisting and endlessly discoursing leader who sits in the White House. What a great thing that is. Someone out there is still reading what’s written on the Statue of Liberty. The cities of hope give almost everyone in this country, and in many countries that look to the U.S. for leadership, a sense of hope, and also a good measure of honor.

Why is immigration an accepted policy of growing the United States a really great thing? Because you and I are here, and that means you are reading this right now unless you a full-blooded American Indian. You are the result of an accepting and open immigration policy that lasted for generations. You! So, as you write here, think about the fact that if you are encouraging violence toward immigrants, the complete stopping of immigration, or any of that, then you are doing so to cover the fact that your relatives back there came to this country in almost exactly the same condition in the almost the exactly the same way. Lighten up, Francis, and show some heart here. You don’t have to be a liberal to have a sense of compassion and understanding. You don’t need to be a mathematician either to come to understand very quickly (if you research the Internet) that the birthrate in America has been on the decline for some time (look up U.S. birth rates on NPR.org). The health and vitality of the nation is dependent upon growth and continual expansion, and the reforming of the workforce to accommodate this process of endless building is what has been needed to create what is known as civilization.

I would like to say a few things about these much-derided immigrants coming to our borders and seeking to be let in to go to work for us and live among us. I would like to comment about one family I’ve met and grown close to. They are immigrants and. They keep the gardens, the lawns, and all landscaping. They also do anything else on the property that needs to be done. They are a ‘real’ family in that they take care of and present their older parents and grandparents as wonderful human beings. I have met them and can only agree. They talk about the Catholicism they are a part of and worry about me whom they view as having fallen away from the faith They regard me as the family ‘Patron’ because I pay them fairly and on time. Their family and work ethic is almost beyond reproach. They are so much like what I’ve had described to me as the perfect American family of the Westward Movement years back in history. And yet, they are Mexicans.

They are reviled on television as being those human ‘aliens’ who are crossing the border to steal the jobs and lives of the Americans around me. Can I tell you that they care about me and that I care about them? Can I tell you that they might be the first and last place I would turn to if I was in serious trouble? They would not care about the kind of trouble I was in. They would just be there. I know it, as I would be there for them. As I have been in the past when one of their relatives was kidnapped in Mexico. I listened to the story and then went to Mexico to deliver money and then get the relative back. I did those things because of my background and skills sets, and I did it really cheaply. But they could not have known that such ‘work’ was in the scope of my capability when they came to my home and asked for help. What a pleasure it was to be ‘back in play’ and working through the problem in Mexico. How neat to get the kid back and have him unharmed. Now, I am supposed to think of these warm wonderful, and family-oriented human beings, as evil aliens. That’s not going to happen.



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