Three states have passed bills that will become law any day now. Those laws, passed in these right-wing whacko states, will allow for cars or other vehicles to run over protesters who might be demonstrating in their way. Since the automobile is considered a potentially deadly weapon in every state (this has been done to protect police officers when people try to run them over when they are evading arrest) these new laws will also allow people being run over, or about to be run over, to fire weapons at the cars. Yes, all three of the states passing this legislation have that kind of cowardly ‘I am afraid so I get to shoot you’ kind of statutes. The United States of America is going to war…with itself, and this war is going to be conducted by citizens against citizens inside our own borders. And it is going to be quite legal. Like we did not have enough in the way of violent problems already. As I am repeating as often as I can, the major, vital part of the new Save America infrastructure plan (now fast becoming the survival plan) is getting the lead pipes out of our cities and country-sides. We are getting ever dumber by the day and dumbing people lose the ability to know they are getting dumber by the day.

         They are so dumb, in the three republican states that have enacted ‘run over the protester’ laws over the past few days, that they’ve forgotten that their own white populations quite often get involved with Trump, blue line flag, and confederate flag protests. I can just imagine it. A big protest over something like the taking down of confederate statues (or some such) by the Proud Bois. In the distance, engines quietly idling, sit a group of vehicles waiting…lurking for the right instant to surge forward into the mob, front bumpers protruding and sharpened for the purpose. The only warning given to the protestors. The increasing roar caused by accelerators held to the floorboards by black drivers. Laws as senseless as these ‘kill the protestors’ can sure as hell come home to roost. I also predict that some new ‘sharpened bumper’ entries will appear on eBay, custom-made for cars and pickups.

         The sickness the lays over the land is the fractured mess that’s floated down from a belief in a cult leader who seemed to satisfy so many longings for so many citizens of America.  The Internet, the cell phone, computers, new ‘smart’ televisions, and the distancing of human lives from one another physically have had an unexpected effect.  The nation went backward, in so many areas and across so many population spectrums, to select a leader, expected to be more of a dictator than only possessing one-third of the power of full government, to be their standard-bearer.  He alone, as if he was the returned Jesus Christ.  No man can fill those shoes, and this man, so chosen by so many, proved that too much of humanity, once again.  The U.S. was built on the principle of law and drawing life, liberty, and freedom from the system laid down in a brilliant constitution.  No man, woman, or any individual or group can tear that down, not while doing so in front of the rest of the nation.  The awful results, still raining down across the nation, include anti-vaxxers, mask haters, QAnon conspiracies, white supremacists, Nazis, and more.

They did not take their ‘great leaders’ passing quietly, or without a huge outpouring of emotion.  They wanted this returned Jesus Christ to take them back to a time that has already passed.  There are no time machines and the great leader could not build one.  He tried to build a wall, and that failed.  He tried to stop all immigration, and that failed.  He tried to stop health care for the poor, and that failed too. But those failures are not seen as failures to the refuse of lingering supporters still among all of us.  It is the rest of the body, the majority of the enlightened body that must help these people come through the crisis that they can’t seem to shake themselves.

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