People forget, or don’t do their homework in the first place. Seventy-Seven percent of the American public is white. Nearly forty percent of the American public is made up of white women. Fifty-three percent of the white women who voted did so for Trump. Yes, that was in spite of the release of that awful bus tape showing exactly how Trump really feels about women. In spite of his multiple marriages and in spite of this, and his stone-cold appearing wife, forty-five percent of these white women still support Trump. The college educated type of white women do not, and likely will not vote for him, but these intelligent white women are a small minority. This is stunning stuff when you think about it. What used to matter, or what people thought mattered, with respect to women voting, has gone completely out the window. It’s not integrity, presence, speaking ability or any of that. It’s not family stability or religious belief. What are these women using as things to hang their hats on when voting for a candidate? They didn’t, and likely won’t, vote for another woman. What do they have against other women? They are not voting the way their husband tells them either. Go figure on that one. Try being married and getting agreement on almost anything, especially something like voting, where nobody (including the husband) is going to know how a woman voted. Like, she’s going to tell him the truth? Ruin the foundation of needed and well-founded duplicity upon which long and short-term relationships are founded? Not likely. There are necessary lies that must be told to hold human relationships together. Voting proclivity and performance falls into the relationship area, however many political candidates may exist and work at a distance.

The results seen lately in politics are all about anthropology. Many of today’s females in the culture are voting genetically. The rest that follows, after the voting, is about rationalization. They can’t help but vote for what they perceive of as the lead creature who exemplifies the alpha male of the band or tribe. Such actions are genetic. Awareness is not necessarily part of that. Trump thumped his chest louder than any of the other ‘apes.’ He made believe he was tougher than any of the other alpha males vying for the position. Reality has nothing to do with it. Alpha male success is based upon size, loudness, and macho male presentation. There is no performance requirement. It’s performance by allegation. Trump is proving that the studies of other related anthropoid tribes can provide astoundingly accurate models for how life is really being conducted in civilized societies. The veneer of civilization is much thinner than most people realize.

The thin layer that is laid over the top of the neocortex at the highest curving point of the human brain is the layer used to apply what humans call rational thought to any situation. The neocortex is responsible for allowing humans to direct the way they present themselves, and also in making almost all rational decisions. But the neocortex pales into near insignificance (by size) when it comes to the emotional center of the brain, forty times bigger and hugely powerful in dictating how humans feel about everything. The neocortex may over-ride the emotional center of what drives humans to create, operate, stand for things, love and even hate, but that over-ride actually isn’t very pervasive. It just seems like it is.

High emotion is running the USA, as decision-making appears to be conducted more by the country’s emotions than it’s usually assumed rationality. Science (and its accumulated results) have become discounted. Shortening attention spans are being supported, approved and shortened all the more, using video gaming and moronic television productions. A lack of knowledge and intellect is being seen as a necessary quality instead of a condition to be avoided at all cost, or pitied.

America has been deliberately pointed in a regressively wrong direction by these strutting, mean-spirited masters of hate, avarice, and dominance. They could not take over the country or run anything of importance in any way without the public being conditioned to allow for genetic sociobiological and emotional conduct to be accepted as being only natural and therefore the “rational” course to follow.

~James Strauss

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