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The guns of August.
They are back. The Town of Linn held a public forum on the building a new gun range close to residential neighborhoods around Zenda and the nearby schools and other complaining residents. They held the public hearing weeks ago. The public was unanimously opposed to the building of this gun range. So, what does the planning commission do in order to slip this “slider” through? Simply put it quietly back on the agenda for voting, because the public hearing, and the outrage, are now part of history. A sign of these modern times. This commission will attempt to push through the gun range to appease Cully, the gun nut (stressing the word “nut” here) who owns and runs a nursery located on Hillside Drive that is nothing more or less than a thin-veneered cover for a private gun firing center all its own.

New Way to Travel

Motorized Bike at Lake Geneva

With speeds up to 10 mph, a few, hundred dollars, and free parking you too can see the sights of Lake Geneva on a motorized bike. It’s the newest thing.


The looming traffic and pedestrian disaster at BigFoot Beach.
That wonderful road is about to ever so slowly become a charnel house of accidents and crashes. That effect is the inevitable result of truly incompetent and deliberately ignorant decisions made by members of the leadership in both Lake Geneva and Town of Linn. The ‘negotiated development’ agreement with developer Pollard is going to come back to haunt everyone who had anything to do with it. The number of cars is already increasing to build the part of the road the Geneva Shore Report has designated as “Dead Man’s Curve.” Yes, the phrase was taken from an old sticky, and badly done, rock and roll set of song lyrics, but it is fully applicable to what is about to happen. That wonderful scenic drive past that open stretch of beach on South Lake Shore Drive is craved by developers. What better way to be “forced” to acquire it and then shut it down, than to “respond” to safety issues brought about by the very developers who will take care of the problem and then develop the area along both sides of that wonderful drive, to their own profit.

Cartoon of the Week

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva

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