The Republican convention began last Monday. That is proving to be interesting. The Biden convention was one of moderation and seeming calm, with few fiery speeches and almost one hundred percent dedicated to the ouster of Donald Trump as president. I wonder what angle the Trump people will come up with as they work their way through their own convention. It should be most interesting, as it develops. The Senate Intelligence Committee concluded, quite shockingly and conclusively (since it is overseen by republicans), that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians in 2016 and very likely ‘stole’ the election. That does not impact the core supporters of Trump at all, however. I don’t know why, but there it is. Screwing up the postal service blazes right on by them, as has so much over the last four years. Many of my friends, on here and in real life, are Trump supporters. I ask them questions and all I get is diversion and avoidance. Whatever the question is the answer has something to do with how bad the other candidate is in comparison, or was, like Obama or Hillary. Same thing when Hillary was running. They don’t even deny that their current president has proven, time and again, liar, military evader, and an attacker of other vets and more. They probably know it and don’t care. It’s not so much that Trump is and shouts out his own selfishness and lack of care for all those who appear weaker than he portrays himself, no, it is that his followers are now given permission and allowed, under his tutelage and leadership, to show their own deep-rooted racism, mean-spiritedness, and selfishness right out in public. It’s the rage of the day, in more ways than one. The truth is a harsh and dangerous thing and that kind of truth is quite possibly the harshest and dangerous of all.

Joe Biden seems like a nice guy. I’m kind of not banking on who is going to do what after the next election anymore. I just want America, and my life, to have a lot more niceness in it again. It’s like we lost that loving feeling, as the Righteous Brothers wrote and sang so many years ago. I’m really tired of bad news, worse news, and then awful movies. I don’t need any more slasher crap, zombie junk, or even Russell Crowe driving around the nation chopping people up with an ax out of road rage. That movie is called Unhinged. I’ll pass, after looking at the trailer and reading reviews. What is going on, and when is the pendulum going to swing the other way? Where’s ‘It Happened One Night’ or ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ kind of stuff?

And the news, of course.  Remember Walter Cronkite and how charmingly serious he was?

Today it’s not serious, it’s all mostly insane. We are going to die from the virus and then add the coming flu to the deathly mix. We are all going to die from the economy totally failing everywhere. We have the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and North Koreans threatening whatever they are threatening while at the same time old allies of ours, like Europe and Canada, reject us from even visiting their countries. This country needs to regroup itself and stay the hell home for awhile. Our military is out there, all over the world. That’s enough. We need to fix places like Iowa, not Afghanistan or Iraq. We need to re-employ the public, like after the Great Depression, not pay people to stay home until all they have to do is watch rotten news, slasher movies and then go out and demonstrate about all manner of stuff. We need child care so parents can work. We need real jobs like those it might take to rebuild the space program, roads, bridges, and high-speed rail. We also need identification of everyone on the Internet so that this silly crap where anyone can say anything about anything without any responsibility or accountability goes away.

Fake news is mostly coming from fake people who are yelling at the top of their voices that everything else anyone has or presents is fake news.

~~James Strauss



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