The Bright Side

Emagine Theater re-opened last Friday and yes there are new releases playing!
Emagine Theater is excited to be re-opening and is featuring new releases. On Friday, August 21st “Unhinged” came out and this Friday, August 28th “The New Mutants” will be shown. These are the first movies released in-theaters since the virus forced theaters to close nationwide. In addition to the new releases, there will be other films for viewing and more new releases to come. Of course, Emagine is taking great measures to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all employees and moviegoers.


Another Kwik Trip?
Wells Street in Lake Geneva could use some cleaning up and Kwik Trip is taking on the challenge. Stop-n-Go will be no more anywhere. Kwik Trip has bought out the entire chain of stores. Along with the current Stop-n-Go purchase, the laundry and former Dairy Queen properties have also been purchased. The plans are underway for the properties along with the remodel of the current building. The community was leery when Kwik Trip came to town on the other side of Lake Geneva on Williams Street. When the store first decided to build in Lake Geneva three lots were purchased and two were used for the store, gas pumps, and car-wash. The third lot remained a green space eventually being sold to Associated Bank. This could be the case for the Wells Street location. The current building that Stop-n-Go is in will have a huge makeover and will be renamed Kwik Trip. All Stop-n-Go stores will be doing the same, but will all be a smaller scale of the most recently built elaborate Kwik Trip stores with a little less of the premade convenience items.  Kwik Trip has proven itself to be a classy and welcome member of the Lake Geneva community and it is hoped and expected that the new purchase will bear many of the same characteristics.

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Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween is the place to go for your next essential but not an everyday mask. Year of the COVID 2020

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