The windmills of our minds…as the wind blows, the grass grows and the sun shines. The fantastically powerful and homogenous United States of America drifts through a mist of its own making; a gritty filmy place that circles the rim of an even greater existence where there is no depression of the soul or outraged emotion toward everyone who’s blamed for it all?

The reality of America’s solid growing and performing economy, a military stronger than the Empire and rebel forces of Star Wars combined (except, unlike Star Wars, is real), and a combined population of braided and wended races, cultures and even religions that have forged a collection of social orders so strong and powerful that it’s true existence must be constantly diminished and lied about, is here to stay well into a future certain of one thing; the U.S. is commanding the world and will continue to do so on into a future filled with lies and deception practiced all the time to keep that rather blatantly obvious truth well away from any large segment of the population.

America cannot be allowed to understand its own grand worth and power, in almost every area across the board, or it may collectively figure out that there are better places and ways to spend its wealth than the creation and development of new weapons systems, the continued invention and sales of ever more expensive drugs, the maintenance of secret offshore accounts, and the pampering of ultra-powerful monopolies created not to just gouge the public financially but to make almost every citizen, visitor, and traveler within its borders experience continuous bouts of deliberate humiliation. American professional and college sports have been co-opted to become ridiculous outlets for heroic patriotic demonstrations, with phony “contact” standing in for real combat. How have these changes to the concept of what America was on the road to becoming slipped into and substituted for the grand book of a free citizenry, electing free representatives, set to care for each and every human on the face of the planet?

The winds of many small minds, blowing constantly to stop those windmills of great invention and progress were joined together by a very few selfish mean-spirited men to literally stop creative invention and the talented building of civilization in its tracks. Given what is so obvious, should you take the time to read what is written here and then check out what you can on the Internet, how does the greatest society to ever exist on this earth get rebooted to begin again? How can America the beautiful be resurrected before the Eve of Destruction is actually reached and that famous protest song’s lyrics become valid enough to be etched onto the gravestone of what was once the United States of America?

The only way that the nation can be recovered is the way that it has been recovered in the past. The nation is about the people. The people who are as capable of being wrong as they are of being right, without really being aware of where the line between right and wrong really is. The greatness of America is that this pursuit occurs on a regular basis and the results eventually work out. Will this be the case with what has to be considered the most bizarre presidency ever conceived by man? Will the nation rally and come back from this or will it continue down a road that can only lead to its eventual destruction? Only the electorate can make that decision. God bless America. Our hopes are your very own. We all aspire to make this country into something we all have desired it to be, to truly make America great again.
~ James Strauss

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