The Bright Side

Lake Geneva is a visitor destination, versus a tourist destination, which was highlighted with the naming of the new organization called “Visit Lake Geneva”.
The main difference between a tourist destination and a visitor destination is the underlying reason for the trip. A tourist travels to a place for excitement, a visual experience, to be entertained or to relax and enjoy the surroundings; whereas, a visitor may include those items, but has an underlining personal reason for their short trip. That purpose is a temporary getaway or a break from the mental and physical stress of daily life and its environment, or to do something different, all with the intent to feel better. The area around the Lake Geneva is beautiful, but it is the peaceful friendly small town atmosphere of the City of Lake Geneva, combined with the available activities, that enables visitors to relax, enjoy the visit and leave feeling better for having been here.

Lake Geneva accomplishes this with what it has to offer and because of what it doesn’t have. Many of the attractions of Lake Geneva involve being outside, such as seeing the lakefront, swimming, or sunbathing on the beach, taking a boat ride, visiting The Riviera & Driehaus Plaza Fountain, walking the lake path, enjoying outdoor dining, walking around the downtown and historic parts of the city, as well as just sitting on a bench and watching other people enjoy themselves. Being outside, in a clean safe environment is refreshing, especially for those who spend most of their lives indoors. An open view of the lake, seeing the individual uniqueness of the stores, shops, and historic buildings, all within a walkable area, gives Lake Geneva a small town friendly atmosphere. What Lake Geneva does not have also adds to is its pleasant ambiance. In the downtown area, there are no tall imposing buildings, making one feel small or obstructing one’s view, no bars on windows and no graffiti and no flashing lights to disrupt the visit.

With many of the activities being outdoors and with many of the visitors being a single day trip from the Chicago area, the decision to come to Lake Geneva is often a last minute decision based on the weather rather than on a trip committed to in advance. The current weather conditions in the Chicago area and the daily forecast for the Lake Geneva area have a significant impact on the number of people who visit on any given day. But, of all the reasons for the success of Lake Geneva, the most important one never gets credit, and that is the excellent and friendly quality of the people who visit Lake Geneva –
Thank you for visiting us and bringing what you are to us.

The Business of the Week

Kilwin's Lake Geneva

Kilwin’s Ice Cream and Chocolates is on the corner of Broad and Main Street and is deliciously fabulous. With Valentine’s Day right here you might want to check out the one of a kind edible chocolate hearts, some delectable chocolate covered strawberries, or any of their other handmade chocolates.

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