The ridiculous wall to stop the waves of brown people not coming here is there for one reason. It hangs in the air, ephemeral, but totally visible to everyone in the world who has a television and watches the pap put out by the major news services of the United States. That semi-visible wall is there to draw everyone’s attention. It’s a wall that could have fit right inside the book 1984. There is nothing really to attack, but the money to prepare to attack and the attention drawn to the attack (which does not exist as the structure that will never be built) is everything. The Mueller investigation is set back into the media weeds. Strange talking seeming villains like Coulter, Hannity, and Limbaugh surge from the swamps where they normally swim with other scurrilous rodents. The nation’s attention is redirected. Giant robber baron companies, able to establish monopolies rid the countryside of money; Foxconn, Amazon, the cell phone companies, airlines and more.

There is much to be fleeced from America, a country grown rich beyond its dreams or real knowledge. But where there is wealth there is predation and you are seeing it go down right in front of you. The “Pharaoh” sits up there at the top and it is a shame that many simple American minds have been so swayed by the nearly idiotic arguments justifying his “service” to them and others. Pay attention to the wall while global warming threatens the lives and comfort of grandkids and beyond. Sit there and drool over the wall while roads and bridges continue to go to hell. Enjoy knowing that so many young people are sent out to come home with post-traumatic stress from hurting people they know they should not be hurting. And, of course, there it is, the wall. As in China, you will quite possibly get this wall, and it will remain for much longer than you or your survivors will.

No matter how bad things might get, this leader’s friends are not going to stop him. The people making money from his horse’s ass reality show are not going to stop him. Sean Hannity is not going to stop him. Rush Limbaugh is not going to stop him. None of these people, not one, have ever stepped forward to defend their country in times of need, including this leader. They all stayed home, got others to go and then stepped forward with chests thrust out to claim that they themselves were, and are indeed, the real heroes. And they steal everything in sight, and their friends and family, whom a gullible public put into office and gave that power, will continue to graze in the fields on whatever or whomever they want. Those fertile American fields that, when gone, will be blamed for falling fallow on the very public that elected this man. The Supreme Court is not going to stop the “Pharaoh”. Those elite and remote judges are going to ratify everything he does because they are that way. They are scorpions, one and all, and why should anyone believe that scorpions are going to act like warm intelligent human beings. They wear black for a damned good reason! It’s been two years since this American delusional circus clown has been in office. The most amazing thing is that the country is still here. Two more years lay ahead. Can the United States take two more years? All those who might have a clue as to what is going down must hunker down and hope to survive the painful experiment.

There will be a wall, and that wall will have to be constructed inside people’s minds, or the country is indeed in huge trouble. Riot and revolt must be resisted, as well as any violent response. The metal wall is there to prevent that. The facts don’t matter anymore because the electorate of the country decided that they didn’t, but survival does matter. Use the wall to remain involved but remote, waiting until such time that peace and sanity return to the country and neighborhood around you. Whatever it takes, “Survive”.

~ James Strauss


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