Letter to the Editor

I was able to listen in on a telephone conversation last week between Trinke Estate leadership and the Wisconsin DNR representatives. Despite the set-up for the Skype conference-call being such a mess, I’m still hoping the results of the call will trigger some vigorous activity, because nothing can happen until Trinke gives the DNR & the GLEA the approval to proceed with damage control against the looming danger of the spread of the Starry-Stonewort infestation. Geneva Lake property valuation could plunge once Starry-stonewort manages to get out of the Trinke waters and infect the rest of the lake. In addition to getting the “consent letter” from Trinke to do the dredging and on-site dewatering to get rid of the infestation, the other concern of the DNR & GLEA is how to get the financial support needed to pay the contractor bills, etc. Everyone knows that there’s plenty of money out there to more than pay the bills and cover all the expenses involved, it just has to be collected and banked.

Since the lakeshore homeowners would be the most affected by the stonewort infestation, wouldn’t it be best to start a funding appeal through the most highly respected Geneva Lake steward organizations? Organizations such as; the Geneva Lake Association (GLA), the Geneva Lake Conservancy (GLC) and Care For Lake Geneva (CFLG). Naturally, there are a host of other funding sources that can be appealed to, but most of them are waiting to know what these other organizations are going to do. Care For Lake Geneva started its campaign on the Starry-Stonewart dilemma late in January, with an email notification letter, a blog declaration, a Facebook proclamation, and a sign-up petition.  Then, as a follow-up, a second email was also sent. The next effort for CFLG would be an actual funding appeal, but that must be based on what the GLA and GLC intend to do.

In all the material published to date, the identified area in Trinke Estates is quite likely the sole location of the invasive species’ presence at this time. With the current isolation to such a small area, there exists an opportunity to eradicate this “Weapon of Mass Destruction“ from the entire lake. There is no intention to put any blame or special responsibility on the Trinke Estates for the appearance of this infestation. It could have happened anywhere on the lake. The good news is that it is currently isolated and can be effectively destroyed. Please let me know what your thoughts are. We want the GLA to continue to be the Heroes of Geneva Lake.

Dick Malmin  847 791-9130

Dick Malmin, Town of Linn resident and Lake Geneva Activist

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