The slow-building moves to gather and go after Trump for all of his illegal activities continue to grow. The Supreme Court chimed in, all except for ‘dumb as a box of rocks’ Clarence Thomas (whose wife is rumored to help fund the January 6th attacks). The Supreme Court cleared the way for some truth to finally distillate through the financial system and free the courts to begin the process of subpoena, with respect to Trump’s taxes. Those documents are going to reveal a whole lot of the cruising undersea Trump’s whale of operations and possibly, when this stuff finally comes out, do something about getting rid of the cult-figure phony image he’s been so successful at selling to a segment of the American Public. So many American conservatives are still following the illogical, and actually idiotic, ‘biblical sort of revelations’ type of dogma.

No, the nation is not going to turn into a socialistic state, any more than it already is. No, the nation is not going communist, at all. Yes, without properly installed regulations and enforcement of those regulations (not having such regulations so much ballyhooed as great for being free, as espoused by conservatives left and right) you get the Texas power grid failure of today. The monied gentry got together and took everything, and now want to take more, while blaming anyone or anything those cretins can get away with blaming. Move to Texas but take your generator and electric blankets. Drink boiled snow but stay away from the yellow stuff…which is yellow because your toilet is frozen. Carry-conceal but you won’t need a big large caliber weapon because, when you pull it out, you’ll be doing so to shoot yourself. Texas demonstrates, as did reality compared to old cowboy movies, that the reality of following macho behaviors and cult of personality leads to just the sort of results everyone is watching play out down there. Joe Biden, the democrats, and the U.S. government are going to have to bail Texas out…now, how fitting is that?

I own and publish a newspaper. It’s called The Geneva Shore Report, and it’s become very popular in Southern Wisconsin. Why is it that I have grown to loathe most of the purveyors of mainstream media? That’s happened because the mainstream media, the modern media of the “news”, has sold itself out. These organizations will stoop to any low in order to get attention, readers, and viewers. Here’s the latest glaring example. ABC, FOX, NBC, MSNBC, CNN CBS, all of them; are going to cover the coming press conference to be held by Donald Trump as he attempts to come back and dominate wounded and tattered remnants of the Republican Party. Why would they do that?  Why don’t they follow the wise example of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and simply let this man fade away? How awful has that man been in actually effecting the damage to the republican party, he’s now set on hurting even more? He’s been terrible, and the mass media doesn’t give a damn. This American mass media has become a pestilence across our land, and a pestilence that’s not readily replaceable. We are all stuck with it, forced to live with it, and in many ways to do so in silence, or by just going along with hogwash beliefs they force on us while denying they are forcing them upon us. They say, “here, eat this,” and so we do, and then when we are puking away afterward, they say, “it’s not what we fed you, no, whatever is causing you to upchuck is your own fault.” How do we stop this madness? They don’t force us to believe in an awful celebrated stupidity, but that’s almost all they allow us to see and hear. Rush Limbaugh lied his way into fortune and fame, and, in the end, gets gold medals, flags run at half-staff, and great stuff is written about him. An escaped murder convict from prison, hiding in a back alley of downtown New York, loaded on booze and heroin, would have more honor than Rush might ever have been able to assemble inside himself on his best day. I am ashamed of my chosen industry, and wonder how in the hell did that happened?

~~James Strauss

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