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The thin blue line…of supremacy.
They won’t do it.  Not the mayor, not the city administrator, nor anybody else will go against Tom Earle and force him to remove the blue line American flags he’s had painted on the sides of Lake Geneva trucks public property not private.  What is it going to take to make sure that this blatant, in your face, painted symbols of White Supremacy get removed from the public property of Lake Geneva? Is it going to take the removal from the office of David Nord, the city administrator? Is it going to take the recall of Mayor Charlene Klein?  Whatever it takes, this symbol of a broken America needs to come down in Lake Geneva.  Neither David Nord nor Charlene Klein are taking calls about this very local and very important issue. Call them.  Those veterans out there, who fought under that flag, call them.


Dieter Sturm that adventurous, inventor guy, is at it again.
Sturm is a special effect and snowmaker for Hollywood by day, and, in his spare time, he continues to do fun amazing things. Not too long ago, Dieter (an actual Academy Award winner), and good friend Joey, started some great Wisconsin entertainment with music celebrating the Friday Fish Fry. The Wisconsin-themed entertainment continues with the beer. Now Dieter and his friend have started a YouTube channel called “Sparky and Skeeter” and their first challenge was making snow out of beer. The inspiration came from an experiment that can only be done when it’s extremely cold with sub-zero temperatures and boiling water. When the boiling water is thrown into the frigid air it turns to snow, well that’s what Sparky and Skeeter did with boiling beer leftover from a batch of beer brats. Making it snow with beer what great Wisconsin fun!

Sparky and Skeeter


Local independent pharmacies are being forced to close due to the advent of the big box pharmacies.
The Pharmacy Station, which was located in Burlington, Elkhorn, and Waterford, closed its doors on January 14th, with Walgreen’s acquiring its prescription files. The letter informing everyone about this stated that the pharmacy department’s closure was due to market forces beyond their control, so they decided not to continue in business. The locally and independently owned pharmacies are being shorted by pharmacy benefit managers through lower reimbursement rates and limited drug choices compared to the larger big-box pharmacies. These pharmacy benefit managers are companies that manage prescription drug benefits on behalf of health insurers, Medicare Part D drug plans, large employers, and other payers. The managers have a significant impact on the impact of determining how much pharmacies are paid.  Pharmacy benefit managers regularly reimburse pharmacies differently cheating the smaller pharmacies which is what happened at the Pharmacy Station.

The pills have cost them more than what insurance companies have reimbursed them, so they were losing money dispensing the pills and medication. This has made dispensing medication extremely difficult for the smaller pharmacies. The low reimbursement rates leave the independent pharmacies with almost no bargaining power because of size and patient population. The pharmacy benefit managers have a strong relationship with the biggest pharmacies in the county such as Walmart, Walgreen’s, CVS, and others. These pharmacy benefit managers have event highbred incentives for patients that order their medication through the mail and use big chain pharmacies. When patients order through the mail, they get a lower copay which is something local and independent pharmacies cannot offer. These pharmacy benefit managers need reform, and it has to happen soon before there are no local and independent pharmacies left.

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