Moving on to be Moving on…

The Florida deputy sheriff gets tossed right under the bus by his own chief.

Yes, I am writing about the poor bastard who stood outside the school for four minutes without going in, and now has been forced to retire. That guy. The one who was following every bit of hard-learned cop protocol put in place to save the lives of officers and others by waiting for backup when live fire is coming from inside any structure. The cop had a small caliber automatic, or wheel gun, with a short barrel.  Was he supposed to run inside and get wasted? That’s what would likely have happened. So, he waited, and he had to do so for only four minutes. Much less time than it takes to write this article and edit it.

A semi-automatic AR-15 is a fearsome weapon. That little 5.56 mm round is moving at around 3250 feet per second when it leaves the muzzle, and it carries well over half a ton of energy to deliver to the target. A 9 mm handgun round travels at less than half that speed and delivers about one fifth that energy when it finds a target, not to mention that very few people, even trained professionals, are any good at hitting anything beyond twenty yards away with a pistol.  With a rifle, it’s a whole lot easier. No way should that cop have gone into that building without backup. He did the right thing. There is also the effect of the consideration of death.

Remember when that congressman was shot on the baseball field a year or so ago in Washington? Nobody went out to help the wounded congressman crawl across that open field, even though there were plenty of people nearby. People do not want to die.  Being a hero can very much involve not being home for dinner that night to counsel and care for the family. Being a dead “hero” can be cold comfort indeed. But the media and the cops needed a scapegoat. The guy who was the shooter is nuts. He makes a lousy scapegoat. Too bad. A whole career of doing the right thing and a coward is the label that cop gets to wear for the rest of his life.

Welcome to the world of PTSD… real combat. No heroes. Just dead guys and living zombies moving to keep moving.

Donald Trump, the biggest demonstrated coward in all presidential history, following the outstanding examples provided for him by Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr., rails against the police officer who did not “do the right thing” during that four minutes while he stood and listened to heavy duty, high-velocity gunfire coming from inside the school. Now that he’s in his seventies, Trump has the big microphone and twitter feed to demonstrate his own bravery and courage. Donald Trump finally decides that he himself would have gone in and taken care of the situation at the school, even if unarmed! That so many people out here, among this polarized public, will support such bullshit being used to cover Trump’s own demonstrated cowardly life and actions, is what is truly astounding. That it is okay to be an admitted coward, a demonstrated coward, and still be President of the United States is what is more shocking. The man is not shocking for being alone in what he’s up to, though. Blowhards like Trump can be found ‘in their cups’ in bars and saloons all across this wonderful land. They almost all have those same facially tough and harsh expressions, like Trump. It is all in the presentation, but apparently, that presentation is enough. How does America come back to measuring real performance instead of what is said about it? How does America invest in heroic performance again, and stop listening to those who can only talk about it, and brag about non-existent cajones they have never had, and certainly don’t have now? I don’t know. I can only sit on the sidelines and watch…and write about it, of course.

The cowardly lion recognized that he lacked courage. But accepting encouragement, he went on to find it. Would that America’s president accept such encouragement?
~James Strauss

The photo accompanying this article is from a scene in the movie Wizard of Oz.


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