Que Sera Sera, whatever will be, will be, that is unless you know the pending future and then that gives one the opportunity to try and change it. People actually do this all the time. When driving a car and the car in front stops, then if one is distracted and unaware of what is ahead, then a crash is inevitable; however, being aware enables one to take preventative action (applying the brakes) to avoid crashing into the car in front.   Without that awareness, one becomes a victim of the pending future.

Most residents are unaware of the details of the city’s politics and pending actions. Often residents couldn’t care less about city government, except when it directly affects them. Giving residents the awareness of those pending issues is one of the objectives of the GSR. Within city government (politics) there are alliances and loyalties that determine the city’s direction, who gets hired, who gets appointed and what ordinances are presented to the city council to be approved. Individually most people in the city government are fine, but collectively they can be a problem. When many in city government or in a city department have an outside association or an affiliation with a particular group, organization or church, then it creates a narrow-focused view that represents themselves and not the residents of the city who they are there to serve. People hire, promote and appoint ‘their own kind’ and often that is their friends and like-minded people. This practice is normal, but it also skews things in a particular direction which may be OK for private business, but not for a representative government where a broader more inclusive perspective is needed, or it becomes divisive.

In the City of Lake Geneva, there is a serious but subtle problem of intertwined friendships and associations. Hopefully the soon to be elected mayor will begin to take corrective action to better reflect the diversity of the community in the city’s committees and commissions, and not just a shuffling and recycling of familiar faces, friends, and attitudes. Terry O’Neill, Lake Geneva former alderperson and city activiste


Dear Editor, I would like to begin my second missive by extending my sincere thanks to the Geneva Shore Report for their courage and support in publishing my earlier letter (If you see something, say something, Feb 2018). You have given me a voice where others wish to silence me. You have elected to be part of the solution, and for this, I am entirely grateful. (in my brand-new voice).

I would also like to thank the Walworth County Sheriff and all of the supporting officers and departments, for the immediate attention you’ve assigned to this matter of the crack epidemic. I give you kudos for half of the job well done in the recent arrests of Joshua Hersrud and the others last week, but there are more out there. At least you are on the battlefield now thanks to GSR, however, your job isn’t over yet. There is still the task of SOLVING the problem and resisting the temptation to merely “milk” it for votes in an election year or money and equipment the rest of the time. Yes, the time has come for your cash cow to die and the most effective way of killing it would be starving it to death; if the cocaine isn’t available, the crack epidemic will die.  The best way of making cocaine unavailable is to stop it from coming in.

So, why hasn’t this been done? Why did I have to drag the drug task force into the trenches kicking and screaming with the help of the GSR? Why did your task force attempt to intimidate me with veiled threats of arrest when I brought you information and user/victims willing to make controlled buys from their dealers / former dealers for you?  I can only speculate as to your reasoning, but I see no acceptable excuse for your documented disinterest. The least you could have done is to have met with me to hear me out, but alas, I am left with the GSR and their concerned audience to accomplish a task that you could have and should have accomplished yourself when you took office… solving the problem and stopping the epidemic. The solution of which I speak is a simple one.  Imagine for a moment that dozens of cocaine arrests have occurred en masse in Walworth County. You are a supplier and you need new distributors within the county to keep your product moving. You have a couple ounces of coke in the glove box to supply the one or two remaining distributors you have left. As you approach the county line you see a 4×4 brightly colored billboard that looks like a junk car buyer’s ad in the newspaper:


Over 300  active informants and counting! Who do you know and how much can you make? I’d venture to guess that, (if you have a lick of common sense), you will turn your car around and go back to where you came from.  So why don’t we have signs like this on every road leading into Walworth County? It doesn’t matter how many informants you actually have. It doesn’t matter how much you are willing to pay. All that matters is that the traffickers see it coming in.

There is no acceptable excuse for NOT having the signs. There is no acceptable reason that the same type advertisement can’t be placed in newspapers, on local radio stations and public service announcements on PBS stations. Again I ask, why hasn’t this been done if your true agenda is to protect the community instead of your cash cow? It seems to be a perfectly legal, logical and reasonable resolution to the epidemic. So what seems to be the problem? Not enough funding? Put up a gofundme.com account like everyone else. There are hundreds of wealthy people in this county looking for good causes to donate to… and this is one of the best. Can’t get the controlled buys and mass arrests to support the Sign effort? Looks like you’ve made a pretty good start so far;  just get the other ones and announce “OPERATION CRACKDOWN” or whatever dramatic name you want to give it,  to every media outlet you can find. So say your goodbyes to Bessie and let’s get this done. Though things won’t be the same without her, I think Walworth County citizens are willing to live with that. Again my sincere thanks for your immediate attention to this matter and congratulations on a job which is well done, thus far. Haile Lang, Delavan resident and would-be crime fighter


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