Where is this guy going to go? There is little hope that the current sitting president of the United States will keep his job, even into the coming election cycle of 2020. The evidence is so damning, what with his closest advisors and assistants all turning on him to provide hard evidence of his complicity in stuff he should never have been complicit in, that he will certainly pay a huge price for. At some nearing point, the republican party will abandon him in order to save itself, and the positions of all those republican leaders in both houses of Congress whom all of us have seen him act with total self-interest and cowardice at almost every opportunity. When the president is abandoned and going down for the count. Are these guys and gals going to stand up for him? I don’t think so. It is true that I have not liked the man (who is president) from the very start, all the way back to his arrogant first book.

All of us like rags to riches story telling. Me too. Not so hot on rich to riches storytelling, though. And then there’s been the wholesale and careless communications this man has heaped up atop the entire country daily, like a new pile of dung. He’s cost the office of the presidency so much class, and converted the media into nothing more or less than high paid houses of prostitution. It was the media’s duty and responsibility to stop this crap and they have refused, from beginning to end. I don’t dislike the president because of the wall (I really don’t care about the wall), nor do I dislike him because he so puts down those who have little or are aged or wounded in any way. I understand the predator/prey arrangement of animal life on this planet. It is with us and a part of us and will always remain. Conservatives are merely better and more open predators than the liberals. America didn’t have to become a giant shadow of a horse’s ass. But it has.

Now, this whole “traveling salvation army” show is about to continue the process of keeping that ass shadow ever present, and even more pervasive. The president’s indictment, accusations, evidence, witnesses, hearings, and then his wild tweeting responses to all these things that he is such an expert at distorting, is about to begin. What of America’s roads, bridges, buildings, space program and more? What of the basic education of children being raised in this environment where the leader has admitted to being a continuous liar, even by most of his supporters? How can it be alright to flat out lie about things, get caught at it, and then have that behavior applauded instead of punished? It’s not against the law to lie. The first amendment protects that right, except under certain circumstances. However, and it’s a big however, social structure generally assures that lies once discovered will be punished, even if only by using social disapproval as the method.

If that disapproval application or capability is removed, then what happens to the fabric of the culture? What happens to scientific results, polls, resume submissions, and this thing we all call our reality? Where is this guy going to go? Unfortunately, not far, and it’s likely he’ll be traveling there for some time, so prepare yourself for even more outrage. This whole traveling circus is about to get much, much wilder. A good friend of mine, just before the election two years ago, said he was voting for this president because he (my friend) is so much more liberal than I in his beliefs. I was astounded, and asked him why he was doing that, of course. He said he was doing it to take down the republican party. He said that the republican party wasn’t clear enough to see that this man would lead the entire party out on a plank and then laugh while the opposition slowly sawed the plank off at its base. I thought I was smarter than this man back then, but I am now being forced to re-evaluate my position with respect to that. I left the republican party over the rise of the alt-right and tea party influences, but I always thought I could return when those forces lessened and the party went back to more moderate beliefs. Now, the wonder will be in watching and experiencing this coming show with the strong possibility that the republican party as I’ve known it (both loving and hating it through the years) may not survive at all.

~James Strauss


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