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The Church of the Holy Communion Organ.
Fundraising for the revival of this great organ began back in 2014, and with perseverance and patience, the Historic 1883 Pipe Organ is getting the renovations it desperately needs to continue to bring joy and inspiration to the Church of the Holy Communion parishioners. The pipe organ has been a part of the church from the beginning, and that’s where it should stay, but the cost of renovation is not cheap. The original goal was to raise sixty-five thousand dollars to have the work done. With a lot of hard work, pipe organ concerts, raffle ticket sales, and monetary donations the goal was a little shy, but enough was raised to get the most needed work done. This last Monday the truck came to start the disassembly of this historic and attractive instrument. The truck took up three of the free parking spaces for three days in front of the church, as the organ was carefully taken apart and put in the truck for its travel to the shop were the restoration could occur. The entire process was very well planned. Out of consideration, the church gave the City of Lake Geneva a heads up about the three free parking spaces it needed. The church never expected that the notification of the use of the three free spaces, that was given out of consideration, would cost them a hundred dollars. Really? It’s free parking! Of course, the church will pay the parking fee, and the restoration will continue as planned. The organ was picked up, repairs will be made, and hopefully, by Easter, the organ will be home for the celebration. The City of Lake Geneva will get its hundred bucks. Really.

1883 Pipe Organ

Pipe Organ Holy Communion Church Lake Geneva

The 1883 Pipe Organ at the Holy Communion Church has brought joy to its listeners for many years and is finally getting the maintenance and repairs it needs so it can be enjoyed for many more years.


Planning Commission Meeting 1/21:
Monday night’s Planning Commission meeting was focused around the Brick and Mortar building in the Maple Park Historic District on Geneva Street. This building and the possibility of losing it so a new more functional building can be built has caused the neighborhood and its historic supporters to be extremely upset. The demolition of the Brick and Mortar has been on the agenda before, and it was not received well. However, that was when the relocating of the yellow brick beauty of a building was brought to the table. Terence Pisano would like to be the one to save it and move it a few blocks to a property he owns on Center Street. Terence has presented the relocation idea at prior meetings, and it has been met with speculation and doubt by planning commission members. Historic neighborhood residents were happy to see another solution presented instead of the building just being torn down and a new “not historic” looking building being built in its place.

The owners of the Brick and Mortar at 832 Geneva Street (Thomas and Kathy George) are a great couple and very active in the community with many thriving businesses in downtown Lake Geneva. They would like to make everyone happy and still do what’s best for their business. The latest on the plans for the building is that the relocating has been approved unanimously so the next phase can be presented in about a month. This is not the final step or confirmation that the building will be relocated many details need to be ironed out, presented, and approved. It is up to Terence Pisano to put together a plan and timeline and then keep to it. This plan includes finances and legalities which could be tricky and complicated. Lawyers will be necessary, as well as financial backers since this is a very costly project.  The actual moving of the building from one lot to another, even as close as the two properties are in this situation. It is not an easy task. The prep work and placement of the building are much more time consuming than the actual move itself, which should only take four to five hours. If all goes well everything should be completed by the end of July 2019.

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Lake Geneva Ice Rink

rk is open for any and all skaters. Skates are available at Clear Water Outdoor on Main Street and skating is free. This wonderful ice rink is a great way to bring families, friends, and the community together for some great winter fun!

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