Donald Trump is demonstrating an understanding of how the media and the Internet and cell phones and all of this new stuff works. It’s is not about performance. It’s about talking about performance. Performance is that thing of old, wherein stuff got planned, worked on and then done. Donald has not really done anything at all. He hasn’t done anything, yet, as far as the investigations go, to be impeached for. He doesn’t really DO anything. He yells at everyone, and many people yell back. But the rest of the show is non-existent. Donald has not used the codes to blow up anything either. He hasn’t done much of anything to NATO, the Russians or the Chinese. He’s not a warrior, so he wants the troops back home. Who can argue with that?

I don’t like him. Why? Primarily because he’s a character who makes us all look lesser at home and around the world. But then, did not most of the country (by the electoral college) elect him and choose to look like idiots? Yes, they did. Here’ s Donald! Our president, as tough as that might be for such a huge portion of the population, until 2020. Don’t impeach him. Un-elect him, if that is your bent. Oh, and by the way, just because I don’t like him does not mean I don’t like you, even if you like him. I do, in general.

The former CEO of Starbucks, fabulously wealthy as he is, announces on a 60 Minutes segment that he’s likely to run for president as an independent. If you watched the segment you watched a republican calling himself first a democrat, and then an independent. His number one issue is, of course, the country’s twenty-three trillion-dollar debt. That’s a republican buzz phrase. The debt has been built by lowering taxes for the rich and the corporations. The “fix” is to get the money to pay the debt from social security, Medicare and other entitlement programs.   If you watched the segment you also got to see someone who is the cutting edge of the aged white male republican brand, that has become almost a ruling party all of its own. The absolute only shot the republicans would have in the coming election, because of the lack of popularity about what has happened with the election of Trump and the takeover of the republican party, would be if a popular and extremely wealthy guy could siphon off enough democratic votes to give Trump another shot. 60 Minutes used to be a tough-minded, pretty fair show but they let this class A clown do his republican campaign game without a single discomforting question being asked of him. That there is a game going on to game the election while lying totally about that coming effort is a devastating blow to what the investigative media used to be all about.

One of the things that this article speaks to is called the right to say and discuss these things without being terribly damaged in some way by the authorities or other powerful entities. The single most important part of every element of every bit of this article is all about that. Should the nation lose its capability to engage in a dialogue that does not end in violence, then violence will become a replacement for that lost dialogue. I was approached by a friend not too long ago who basically told me that he could no longer maintain a relationship (with me) because of the negative comments I have made, and continue to make, about the people he believes in. I listened to his accurate portrayal of some of my commentary, and then asked him a most vital question that he needed to consider, and quite possibly you might want to consider while reading this.

I asked him if he was really ready to give up the real relationships he has around him in order to follow people he’s not only never going to know but is never going to meet. The mass media of today, using television as its primary tool, and a good bit of the Internet’s Social Media, is attempting to replace real relationships with those they create, that have no true existence in the lives of those who follow them.

A ‘friend’ on Facebook is not likely a real friend. There’s an old Hippie expression from the sixties or seventies that might apply if it could be followed: “Get Real!”

~ James Strauss

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