The wall. All the media is about the wall.  Are you aware that our country is currently bombing nine other countries?  Actually, there could be a few more if you want to count drone strikes in adjoining countries. Go ahead and google the question: “how many countries is the U.S. currently bombing?” You will get some data from opinion articles written back in 2016 or 2017. You will get nothing from your government or the DOD. They don’t comment on who you bomb anymore.  The media does not cover such things because most don’t have true reporting staffs anymore. The old days of large front desk operations in newspapers are no more. Now there are stringers. Supposed news that comes in from hot or trouble spots. Mostly there’s just Donald Trump, though. He’s cheap to cover and it’s easy to get a big audience to watch.  The national news stations on network and cable stations have only about half a dozen people on those sets reading lines and showing very short snippets of video. These operations are making fortunes by all sticking together to make sure that they are all like one another. If none of them publish or present the real news then you, the audience, are stuck with what crap they give you.

Television broadcasting of entertainment shows is now also the same. Reality shows are cheap to make so there you go, and nobody else is providing quality so the audience is stuck. Trump merely came in at a very good time.  Note that while everyone concentrates on a meaningless wall nobody is covering the stuff coming out of the big investigation Mueller is conducting either. There is, essentially, no other news.  The long-range effect of all this is quite terrible…but the impact will be in the future.  The profits are for right now, just like with the airlines we have to ride on today. We all hate them, and that will eventually do them in, but not right now…and right now is what America has come to live for.  Global warming…the same. New fiction books…the same.

How does this sad state of unintended technological results affect the nation? What is going to happen with the part of the government shut down that is really shut down? How can the TSA folks keep on working for no pay, even if their pay will be made up later on after the strike? They have bills, and the end of the month will keep coming…and no, the creditors, one and all, are not going to take a little white piece of paper saying that the TSA people will pay when the strike is over. That presupposes that the people the government workers owe money to can absorb the loss, as well. Many cannot, and most will not. So, what is the TSA worker to do as this drags on, and he or she has a family? They have to call in sick (for as long as that lasts) and then get a job on the side to feed the family or keep the residence or pay for gas and hope the government does not find out about the part-time job. And then there’s the real long term. This sad presidential impersonator is indicating that the shutdown could go on for months or years. What then? But there are only about a million government workers affected and the impersonator says they are mostly democrats. When does party affiliation have a damn thing to do with trying to make it in paying the bills out here? And if party affiliation does effect that then what is to keep employers from simply firing people left and right who do not think the way they do? Will party affiliation have to be added to the other rules preventing discrimination in hiring, housing and more?

The United States of America is laboring under mediocre leadership, while it is being presented with mediocre material in just about every facet of its existence, from vision, to sound and even to feelings. When information technology conflated itself into the presentation of physical proofs and facts it performed a disservice that has proven as subtle as it may be fatal. How can the country return to anything resembling a meritocracy? How can it survive levels of nepotism and cronyism that have taken over almost every verbal, written or oral communication medium? It’s going to be an interesting time to watch a country so wealthy that it is quite capable of riding to its own execution in an endless fleet of brand-new Tesla automobiles. Mediocrity cannot stand, except in a teetering temporary way. A country that gambles its future upon what unintelligent, ignorant and mentally deficient people believe, cannot stand for long either. This current mythical battle over a meaningless wall is not about a wall at all…it’s about everything.

~James Strauss



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