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Freedom is not “free”.
Military service personnel gave us through time, and continue to give us, freedom from foreign control. But the military cannot, and does not protect us from troubles within the country. That is the responsibility of the people living in this country. Every law or ordinance that is passed either adds to the collective freedom or takes some of it away. In most cases, it does some of each. Certain laws or ordinances benefit some more than others or benefit some at the expense of others, but that is within the scope of public control. It is the people’s responsibility to control the government by selectively voting into office those who might serve as the best representatives.

The U.S. Constitution is the foundation on which this democratic republic is built; however, the ability to select those who represent the people is also limited to those able and willing to run for office. When all aldermanic candidates for the City of Lake Geneva are running unopposed, as they are in this coming election, then there is no choice, and without choice, there is no likelihood of the expression of what is known as freedom. The city government has gone from a government of the people, for the people and by the people, to a government of those who show up to run it, for those who do run it, and by those who run it.

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