United States Constitution

The United States Constitution allows for the existence of racist low-life cretins. It allows for gun nuts who may, at any time, go out and shoot up a school or a church. It allows for tons of things that most people don’t really think about. It is the ‘permissions’ of the constitution that make it great. We expand and contract as a social order according to those parts of the constitution that we all choose to conform to. We, as a public, do not always conform to the law as prescribed. We are not obeying the local laws, in many cases, with the Black Lives Matter movement protests. There are all kinds of local ordinances that require pre-approval for protests to be scheduled and then acted upon. The very nature of protesting, however, makes it unlikely that any real protest can be cleared in time to make it meaningful and effective. People are buying more guns because they are afraid. That’s why people buy guns.

Oh, they have no clue about how or when to use them, but let’s face it, they are being made to feel better by just possessing them. The constitution allows for that kind of unstudied idiocy to occur as well. Drinking alcohol has become a national ‘forget the virus for a bit’ pastime. That’s legal too. And ‘essential’ in most states, means alcohol sales but not dentists. I’d rather have dentists back in business myself, but that’s just me. Some old Trumpian Republicans down in Florida were driving their ridiculous-looking custom ‘golf’ carts around and yelling how they support White Power. The video snippets were removed from Twitter and Instagram. Too bad. People like that need to have their visages spread throughout the country so that their grandkids can come to understand why they have been raised in such a screwed-up way.

Donald Trump. He continues to make his case for white power and how, somehow, there are enough of these old white people to help Trump in the next election. Is that the truth? Are there that many old white supremacist kinds of people to support him into the presidency come November? It would not seem so, but then the last election turned everything on its head with that kind of analysis. Donald Trump an avowed racist and white power enthusiast. What can anybody say about that obvious fact?

I don’t know. I continue to write and discuss these things, but I wonder how many are really reading and listening to this awful stuff about him….and it is right there in front of everyone. Donald Trump is not hiding it or mincing words.

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