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Lake Geneva’s emergency order, shutting down businesses of every kind is lifted.  The Supreme Court of Wisconsin ruled that such shutdown orders were unconstitutional and therefore invalid.  The new shutdowns for Coronavirus mitigation are self-imposed, by businesses of some repute and apparent ethics.  Restaurants in the area have been closing down at an alarming rate. Popeye’s on Wrigley, the largest restaurant around the lake, shut down on Saturday, June 20th for almost two weeks, over the positive test of one of its employees. As soon as the positive test was known, Popeye’s closed to ensure the staff and patrons health and safety. Cleaning began and will be done continuously as it reopens. Professional disinfecting was done and will be done on a weekly basis. Employees must pass health checks and wear masks. UV lights were installed in the HVAC system. Menus and flatware will be disposable and of course, tables will be spaced appropriately apart.

Popeye’s re-opened on Monday, June 29th to the cheers and thanks from supporters, while a list of other eating establishments started closing. Chuck’s in Fontana closed on Monday, June 22nd, having two employees testing positive for Covid19. Chuck’s plans to test all employees and do a thorough cleaning and disinfecting. Claw’s was the next closing on Tuesday, June 24th, with an employee having substantial contact with another person who tested positive for the virus. Claw’s is closed with no reopening date at this time. Cleaning and disinfecting will be done, and all employees are being tested for Covid-19 and on Thursday, June 25th Pier 290, the big Gage Marine operation in Williams Bay closed with three employees testing positive. The management team immediately closed to formulate a plan, talk with the county health department, and ensure the safety of employees and clientele.

Simple, the restaurant in Lake Geneva, shut down, as well, along with the great bakery that adjoins it.  On Sunday, Sprecher’s closed, which had only re-opened earlier that week. Same case.  As more people test for the virus, more people are discovered to have it, which only makes sense, however, that might be taken by the national leadership or news media. The businesses cannot take on the liability of remaining open once they have received a positive test result on any employee.  Restaurants are not required by law to close when a positive test is known, but most or all have decided to and encourage their staff to be tested. The county health department is assisting to guide the restaurants on how and when to reopen.

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