What happened to American business? How is it that corporations were able to become so powerful and so self-concerned and downright selfish that the country lost a whole load of hope in the country itself? Say whatever you want about the former president. He was elected because so many Americans’ lost hope, money, and heart. Monopoly has reigned over a growing angry public that can find little solace anywhere it looks. The rules and laws and punishments thereof are almost all designed and applied to them, the regular folks who inhabit most rural and urban areas of the country. The lofty super-rich seems to float along, skimming over the surface of the seething angry masses below, unaware, or uncaring of the growing unrest. Some citizens broke into the House of Representatives and the Senate back in January. They will all pay an awful price for going against six hundred, or so, of the most powerful people on the planet.

But what were they doing? Their organization could be best described as being below the kind of order and commitment that might be found in a boy or girl scout troop made up of adolescents without a scout leader. They were there because they were mad. Most of them, like most of the general public, were not aware of what they were mad about. It’s easier to see from a distance. They were mad about injustice in general. They were mad that gasoline prices are fixed and change together in that tolerated monopoly. They are mad because they are denied quality high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi, and cell phone service by a monopolistic set of voracious predacious companies acting together to give them poorer service, all down the line, than country-living Koreans, Swedes, or even Norwegians get. They are mad about the monopoly of airlines with lousy service, fear filled airports and actually and stupidly must pay large amounts of money to transport luggage by companies in the passenger travel business. The super wealthy have even been allowed to become wealthier during the pandemic. The big companies like Apple, Exxon, Tesla and so many more don’t even pay taxes…at all. How much is it going to take before the deep breathing, subsurface, and burning ember hot anger of the nation will climb out of the underworld of silent thought and express itself? A little of that happened back on January 6th.

Were those people wrong? There’s no question about that. Were they set up by a cowardly leader who led them from the rear? You better believe it, and so should they. Note that there were no pardons for those people. America is not burning. Black Lives Matter, the movement, is not overwhelming either police departments or downtowns. Part of America’s anger is stoked by a mass media news operation, both cable and network that makes much more money from dishing out bad outrageous news than it does in producing shows with intelligence, integrity, worth and talent. It cost little money to deliver the news compared to producing real scripted shows. It takes even less money to deliver news that is made up. Shows with Fox and MSNBC have all indicated that their top ‘anchors’ are now nothing more than to be considered entertainers. People have been believing these entertainers. The entertainers are all protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, even as people die when these former or current circus clowns advise the viewers not to get vaccinated. These people are quite legally killing people.

What does all that create? It creates a lack of trust. America has become a land swathed over by a huge cloth of mistrust. Bankers, lawyers, doctors, and even judges and therapists are no longer trusted.   How did that happen? A United States Supreme Court decision allowed corporations to basically become people too. That meant that corporations could run wild because the men and women running them no longer had to fear punishment. The corporation was and is to be punished. That worked for corporations, but it did not work and is not working for humanity or that quiet, glowing, and waiting to ignite social structure that surrounds each and every one of us. Change has to come, or this distrust will break the magic of what the United States of America has come to mean. Truth, justice, and the American way is not just an expression created by a writer for a comic book company (Superman). No, it’s a way of life, set forth by men and women of old and now to be supported by those who have taken up the cause. You have to be one of those people. You have to talk about it, eat it, sleep it and then live it among others.

This country does not need to be taken back, as it’s been taken to the cleaners for quite some time. It needs to be nurtured back to a path of honor, truth, and integrity, and this can only be accomplished by willing men and women who do not shirk from others thinking and saying that they are snowflakes, idiots, or worse. If you have doubts about what direction to take this then read the New Testament. It’s all there. Jesus was not about making or accumulating money. He was about all of us being in this together and helping one another. Go out and talk the talk and speak the word. It’s on you and me. Accept the burden of criticism and the stain of social acceptance as you spread the word. God bless America but you must also go out and bless America. It’s what He wants. It’s what you want if you will give it enough thought.

~~James Strauss

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