Quite possibly the most transformative and vital bit of news information to ever affect humanity has nothing at all do with its religions, its politics or even its scientific foundations that have caused its meteoric rise in civilization. Quite possibly the New York Times article, delivered on its front page a week ago last Sunday, is the most important news story of all time. The virus is put into a distant rucksack or even the trunk, but not if the story is not viewed, read, and seen as what it really is.

According to the New York Times, on its front page, a week ago this last Sunday, the UFO program called Project Blue Book was never ended. Its name was changed, and it has continued on to the present day. The program was never shuttered. It was kept open not to find out about potential alien craft or visitors from another planet, but because it was believed that another nation might develop “break out” technology the U.S. might want to know about as quickly as possible. According to esteemed Senator Harry Reid, however, crash sites have been discovered that have contained advanced technology equipment that has been sent to aerospace companies for their analysis and use. One of those aerospace companies admitted that although they could not confirm the existence of aliens they could say that the advanced materials and technology they analyzed and then used, was not made by human beings. Supposedly, there will be a forthcoming report coming out about all this soon. Now, what about all the UFO magazines and shows that have been made fun of or and derided right out of existence through the years? What about all the people who might know something and talked about and been made into phony pariahs? What a shame the way humanity is organized into such narrow thinking slices. There are UFOs and really credible people that have seen them. There is stuff from crashes, and it was examined and turned into Los Alamos back in the ’80s. Finally, we start looking at reality instead of only into a carnival mirror. The article is out there for you to read for yourself. Eye-popping, to say the least. Life is sure as hell changing when this much honesty begins to creep out from secret shelters of power.

Why is this report being treated as a minor addition to other news coverage? That mankind is not alone in the universe isn’t major news? Like it happens every day? And why aren’t their demands being made to find out why this information has been so long hidden and also to answer the questions that have to be asked about current existing aliens or even ancient long-dead ones required to be answered?

At what point are they going (the authorities who’ve somehow released this information) to take it back? I cannot imagine the power of forces counter to this information just laying by the side of the road. How is Christianity going to handle this kind of data, when scripture has, all along, indicated that man is the chosen kind, that we are alone and supreme above all the rest of life? Mankind is chosen by God. How can that steep cliff be climbed if other intelligent beings are admitted to and their appearance here on earth giving every evidence that they are superior in science and intellect to us?

This is a tough one. That this article, on the front page of the New York Times (Baltimore Sun Article of NYT) last Sunday, was published as it was, is extraordinary. The only “ordinary” part of this story will be the redacting of that article and its classification as being overstated. Look for reports that this “alien matter,” supposedly used for reverse engineering of brilliant new scientific discoveries, will soon be found to have been the work of man, after all. We are not ready to deal with what is out there, at least not yet, so it is very unlikely that we will. UFO magazines disappeared off the racks of America’s bookstores, where they went off into the sunset of the true evaluation and appreciation for actual tested and retested scientific results. That sun has not quite set, however, so there is hope that light will still one day be shown upon this area of study that has been prevented from being an area of study for so many years.

~~James Strauss

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