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Starry Stonewart Monster.
What happened after last year’s initial fight to save Geneva Lake and the Trinke Lagoon from the presence of the invasive species that threatened to kill the lake? Starry Stonewort did not die with the appearance of Covid-19.

Ted Peters, with the Geneva Lakes Environmental Agency, shared some insight about the current fight to keep Geneva Lake beautiful and healthy. As soon as the ice cleared last winter the Starry Stonewort infestation level was again investigated and plans to combat its existence were re-activated. Last week the GLEA (Geneva Lakes Environmental Agency) finished up a plant report for the lake and also those of other existing plants not related to the Starry Stonewort. Once all information was gathered from this report, the severity of the growth of the deadly plant will be determined. Also, the GLEA has taken a camera to the last-known locations of the Starry Stonewort in two different spots in the lake (Trinke Lagoon is the third known location of the plant) to check on the size of the invasive plant beds.

With the compiled information and driven by the necessity to take action rather than do nothing, divers will be going into the lake in the known areas of Starry existence and will hand pull as much of the plant beds as possible. Citizen volunteer kayakers are being asked to help with the hauling of the bags of unwanted plants to get them from the divers to the transport boat. Over a year ago the GLEA, and many residents around the lake, met several times to come up with a plan that all could agree on, and a price to accomplish the plan. The decision to hand pull the plants was recently made, as another Wisconsin lake in Washington County is now dealing with the same invasive species. Little Cedar Lake authorities have chosen to have divers hand pull the starry stonewort and that action seems to be going well. With Geneva Lake dealing with the same issues, the divers are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, August 5th, and Thursday, August 6th.

The two known spots in the lake will be dealt with first (and the lagoon as well) and then any new locations will be handled as needed.  All kayakers who are interested in helping out with the weed transport please call the GLEA office at 262-245-4532.  Everyone is behind this plan and the GSR will publish the names of the kayakers (if they wish to be known) who pitch in so the public can thank them.


The House!
Brick and Mortar has changed the look, feel layout, and even the name of the historic building on the corner of Geneva and Cook Street. The residents of the Maple Historic neighborhood fought to keep this building right where it is, always referring to it as “the house”, so it was only fitting and quite nice that the owners chose to rename the business there “The House.” The George’s (the owners) are well known around Lake Geneva, owning, and operating several thriving shops in the downtown, and The House being the newest addition. The House will have the same great home décor items, but with new additions. The most prominent addition will be the beautiful wrap around porch which will be a coffee shop with indoor and outdoor seating. The House plans to open the retail shop in the middle of August this year, and the coffee shop will hopefully open soon.

Not only are Thomas and Kathy George creating a beautiful shop in the Maple Historic District they are making neat and timely changes to their downtown shops. “ShoShoo” at 719 Main Street will be the home of the denim store “Evr drygds” and at 741 Main Street, there will be a brand-new shop to be called “Steals and Deals.” Bloomingbyrds will stay the same great store, but with the addition of new a hair salon in the back. Needless to say, the Georges are excited about all the changes and appreciate the wonderful patrons that frequent the shops.


Lake Geneva residents get a day at the beach, and downtown merchants must clear sidewalks.
The Mayoral Emergency Proclamation was due to expire on July 27th. The city council met and voted to extend the proclamation through August 24th. Lake Geneva City Attorney Draper informed the council that without a valid emergency proclamation the city could lose any financial assistance available during the pandemic. While all council members were in agreement to extend the proclamation a couple of amendments were made and approved. Alderperson Hedlund made a motion to remove item five from the proclamation which allowed the downtown merchants to display and sell items on city sidewalks in front of their stores. Hedlund said he believed it has served its purpose and helped the struggling business out and now is the time to clear up the sidewalks. The motion was approved and the amendment was adopted. Alderperson Fesenmaier fought for the residents getting private time on the beach and had strong support from all council members.

The Lake Geneva residents now have the Riviera Beach to themselves, every Wednesday from 9 a.m. till 1 p.m.

Chicago Corvette Club

Chicago Corvette Club

The Chicago Corvette Club are frequent visitors to Lake Geneva. Always fun checking out the cars.


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