Why can’t it be said or written? Why all the deliberate and conspiratorial kind of collusion on the part of the mass media? What am I writing about in this article? I’m writing about the current unmentionable foundational factors that might have been causal, or at least tangential, in the Annapolis massacre of journalists at that newspaper in Maryland. The Gazette newspaper leaned left. Way left. It has been progressive in editorial, and therefore, at its opinionated foundations. That’s been nowhere written or spoken of in the mass media. Now, compound that with the fact that the shooter has been identified as an adult white male and Alt-Right in his social media postings about political subjects. “Not an issue” will be the next outcry, if any one member of this ridiculously lumped together right-wing media mess of today breaks from the mold. You will note that not only was the shooter identified within hours of the shooting, and his identity revealed to the world, it was also quickly revealed at the same time that the shooter had a personal grudge against a specific story the paper ran and therefore that was the motivation for the killings. Never mind that four of the five people killed had nothing to do with that story and the fifth only in passing. The rapidly published story was about how the shooter had sued over defamation about being labeled a stalker and then lost the case. That’s it, over the edge he goes into mass murder and mayhem? Well, use your head.

Of course, the shooter is nuts. Anyone who consigns him or herself to a life in prison like that is nuts, but what drove this particular nut over the edge? The best bet is to look into the twisted ideology of the shooter. The likely contender, rearing its ugly head, is that this whole Trumpian hate and vilification thing, currently going on with both political sides of this so deeply split country, is right there as the primary causal factor. The current mass media treatment of American governance and leadership is one of wild reality television hysteria being fanned madly on nearly a minute-by-minute basis.

It is interesting to note, while this brutal story of continuing journalistic attack is proceeding to slowly decay and die of its own timely accord, that there has been no mention of the guns used in this latest weapons-driven public nightmare, and it’s not likely now that any mention of them will be made. The hugely powerful social forces created by the National Rifle Association have so imbued the public with a distorted view of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution that any mention of guns is considered so anathema that any questioning is read as more a statement about patriotism, rather than of murderous capability.

There is no chance that the over three hundred million weapons possessed by the public will be recalled, or taken back, or even purchased back. They are out there, as well as right here with us. Last week a Navy veteran was breaking up a fight between some young toughs on a city street corner. The police were called while the altercation went on. The Navy vet had a carry conceal handgun on his person. That gun became dislodged and fell to the concrete sidewalk during the scuffle. The police showed up and the fight was ending when the vet leaned down to pick up his gun. The police drew down on him and yelled but the vet didn’t understand. He held the gun at arm’s length and tried to explain that it was his and he had a permit. He died with those words flowing from his lips. The police shot him many times, fearing for their own safety, as so many police feel these days.

Carrying a weapon in common social surroundings creates mortal danger where none should exist. That simple fact will never be written about in the mass media and the video of this Navy vet being shot to death on a sunny afternoon in a downtown ‘safe’ environment will fade away into the deliberate misty cloud of hazy 2nd Amendment obscurity.

Five newspapermen and women were killed for writing what they believed to be the truth. Their murder over principal will be written off using the customary tale of the ‘lone gunman’ conclusion. Guns played no part in the shootings, nor did the possession of them, legal or illegal. White Supremacy will not be mentioned. Conversely, out of ‘fair and balanced’ reporting, the paper’s liberal foundations will remain darkly obscured.

The reason you go to local city council meetings, attend a local church (if you go), participate in local festivals, carnivals and other small group activities, is to promote the truth of existence among others in your area where the great ball of external duplicity can be pushed back. If you don’t go or do those things, then you are missing so much of a kind of reality that allows you to help make it in your own image. If you want the truth, then live the truth.

All politics is local. Bliss is found at home, not on some foreign battlefield. Be a hero. Get up, go out there, and participate right down the way-locally; at the lake, the forest, the downtown area, the concert by the bay, the beach movies, knowing that what you are doing is not small and that it does count. The nation’s fictional positioning and influence will change around you if you do that, and you will no longer be forced to accept a life you might feel you have no control over.

~~James Strauss


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