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Drowning at Peters Lake.
A fourteen-year-old Milwaukee boy lost his life on this little Wisconsin lake on Sunday afternoon. The kid jumped off a swimming platform with a life preserver, which he somehow became separated from, and he was not seen alive again.  That little lake, about one-tenth of the size of Lake Como (eight feet deep at maximum depth), is small and not far from Lake Geneva.  Camp Timberlee is on that lake and has been there for many years, but the young man wasn’t staying there.  He was staying in a private cabin.  Possibly, the fact that the thick weeds rise five feet from the bottom of the lake might have had something to do with the tragedy, but the results of the investigation are not in yet.


The Pacific Southwest store on Broad Street has been abandoned for the last few summer seasons.
The window displays and merchandise racks still hold the same items as they did when the store closed for the winter several seasons back. Now it looks as if it is a movie set for a post-apocalyptic scene, missing only the zombies. There’s a lot of water damage, the ceiling is caving in, and the sun damage has faded all the color out of the place. Needless to say, it has become an eyesore and is not at all appropriate for a storefront in downtown Lake Geneva. The city, including the code enforcement department, is aware and trying to work with so far, the uncooperative owner about fixing the problem.

Person Of The Week

Ted Peters GLEA

The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency (GLEA) is lucky to have Theodore Peters as their Executive Director. Ted is a great guy and always willing to share his knowledge on issues regarding Geneva Lake.


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