Q-Anon has determined and predicted that July 4th will be the next insurrection date. Of course, there will be no Representatives or Senators gathered in the houses of Congress at that time. Too bad. From what is going on currently in both the House, and especially the Senate, I believe another visit from the republican faithful might be in order. The members of the House and Senate have been in their first firefight, but they didn’t have to fight. They got to run and hide, as others fought and fell on their behalf.

That is a truism of real combat and why, on this Memorial Day, as on others in the past, we pay such special attention to those who have fallen, or are in harm’s way because the rest of us don’t want to be, or can’t be for all sorts of reasons. The first firefight allowed the members of both houses to come to understand that they were, and are, neither brave nor immune from violence coming to visit. The second ‘firefight,’ if it were to come to be, might have more constructive ability to cause change inside these quivering souls, all lying, for the most part, about how terrified they really were. To continue to repeat a phrase that has become a mantra for me; this country is still being run by old white men and old white men who are not exposed to either fighting, combat, or any other kind of hardship.

They are effete snobs who pass for the great American aristocracy of today, while claiming, of course, that they are anything but that. Autocracy and maniacal dictatorships do not come openly to the gatherings of humans across the planet, they come disguised in the form of demagogues, priests, popes, governors, presidents, and other supposed ‘leadership’ roles. The world is seeing a tremendous resurgence of totalitarianism for the exact same reason that the cult leader named Donald Trump rose to power and remains a threat. It’s because of the ‘new’ communications systems that have allowed them to present themselves as anything but what they really are.

Television, the news, the Internet, have all opened the door and allowed these low-life scum bags to portray themselves as something other than what they are. They get hold of the voice of the mass media and that’s it. The mass media not only doesn’t care, but the mass media also supports this because it’s good for them, in terms of revenue. Nobody has ever made mass media more money over a short period of time than Donald Trump. The mass media misses him badly and want him back, in any form. The mass media is no more or less evil than Trump, but they, like that cretin, simply don’t care. Those members of society who are actually working, and spending time trying to help the totality of the species are tiny in number. Turn on your television and watch the news. You are likely to almost never see or meet any of them. They don’t generate the monstrous amounts of revenue that a Hannity or even a Maddow can and do all the time. The true believers in advancing civilization and caring for the whole of societies have little or no voice.

Articles like this will go exactly nowhere on Social Media, for example. Facebook robots, in spite of the great number of ‘friends’ that I have, will only allow tens of people to see it. Zuckerberg is like Bezos, Gates and so many more. They got theirs and you’re not getting any of what they think is theirs. No notice, no money, no attention, no nothing. You get the opportunity to ‘kiss the ring’ and kneel before them. If that’s enough for you, as it truly is for so many, then be satisfied in going your way. Having millions of miles of lead pipes delivering water to ourselves, and our children, for generations is not all bad. Being dumb can mean being happy.

Victor Hugo said these immortal words that still ring through the ages: “ignorance is bliss.”

~~James Strauss


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