I am simply amazed that so many of our fellow drivers are simply unaware of the most basic safety-driven and courtesy-oriented driving rules and laws.  The turn signals put into vehicles only sixty years ago (brilliantly invented) were designed to be warning devices to notify other drivers about the vehicle’s (or the operator of the vehicle) intention.  They are useless when activated when a vehicle is already making the turn.  Laws, both state and federal, mandate that headlights be activated at sunset and when weather conditions are inclement.  The majority of all cars are colored white, black, or gray/silver.  These colors become almost impossible to see without the additional augmentation of head and tail lights. All drivers should use the automatic option selection to have headlights on always, which would help everyone.  Finally, why is it that when drivers come in as tourists to Lake Geneva they somehow become unable to figure out who was first to arrive at a four-way stop, and who came later?  It seems that tourists must be so taken with the sights and wandering crowds that they cannot make that determination.  There is no cure for this, I know.  The citizens who normally operate automobiles in the city must keep on accommodating such blatant idiocy and learn to live with it during the summer months.  

Tom Kincaid, Town of Linn, Architect

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