Ashlii Babbitt, the woman who was killed by police while attempting to break into the senate chambers on January 6th is being explained away as; the efforts of a misguided woman duped into behavior that would never have been part of her normal social habits, a patriot in search of assuring that Trump gets put back in the office, or simply a go-for-broke adventuress in search of doing something memorable with her life. In reality, she was all of those things, but the major thing that got her killed was that she had never been in combat before and had no idea what it was really like. That was exactly the same for everyone else that was there. When she was justifiably shot to death, and that is what happens when you are attacking some of the most powerful people on earth and threatening to hang or kill them in other ways, she was in the real shit with her fellow ‘protestors’ in the same mythical way. In mythology, you simply exercise your honor, integrity, and courage by charging ahead into the enemy.

Which she did. And got real dead real-quick. The lemming-like other personnel who accompanied her suddenly realized that they were in combat for the first time. What does a newbie do when in combat for the first time? Run! And that is what they did, one and all. The ‘riot’ was over, the insurrection was reversed in its course and now hundreds of people are facing life-changing prosecutions. Ms. Babbitt did the wrong thing. Her followers all did the right thing. If the rioters had continued after she was shot, then they would have been shot too. The Capitol Police and the Secret Service had reached their own self-defense saturation level. They were going to open up. Only the proper response by the rioters saves many lives. Security forces and they acted with so much restraint throughout, would have had no choice at that point, and people would have done down in waves. When I was a Marine company commander in combat (the A Shau Valley in Vietnam) I ran several times when under fire. Finally, I learned that there was no place to run away to. I turned and then fought and fought with such a mentally deranged mentality that I was feared by everyone, including my own Marines. I no longer had anything to lose. I have spent the rest of my life coming back from what I became. The rioters, no matter what slap-on-the-wrist sentences they receive, will not pay for the rest of their lives…and that is a good thing.

So, with the high threat situation in Washington D.C. very much in mind, you spent the time and money to go out and get a gun, the training and the conceal carry permit. Or, in Texas, you just went out and got the gun. Pay awfully close attention to the difference between mythology fed to you by movies and television shows and the reality of life as we live it at home and out on the streets of America. I have attached a story to this short article. I imagined, a couple of years ago in another article, what might happen to ‘carry conceal’ people. The police and other carry conceal people around you do not know the difference, many times between the good citizens and the bad ones. The ‘hero’ in this attached article is dead. Just like the carry conceal citizen I imagined in my story because there is no way to tell when a civilian is standing in public pointing a gun whether that citizen is a good gun person or a bad one. The first time out of the gate, in such situations, people, almost universally (including police), shoot first.

The police wear uniforms for exactly this reason. You do not have a uniform if you’re a regular citizen. Do not get dead. Leave your gun at home or do not have one at all. The situations where carry conceal citizens save the day by shooting a bad gun person are so rare that they almost never reach the news at all.  Do not be a vigilante, as that role is reserved almost strictly for mythology when it meets with any success at all. Do not go to the state or national capitols and break in either.  You do not have to shoot someone else to get shot yourself but having a gun and taking it out increases the chances of that happening by about a thousand percent.

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