Quarantine. How is that supposed to work? How is a vast segment of the population, like is occurring in Italy, supposed to simply stay home and not go to work? They say, in the news this morning, that one-quarter of the population can work from home.  Well, okay, maybe, I reply to that one. Work at what? Work without supervision or any of that? I guess those jobs are those that are one hundred percent results-oriented, where the results can be quantitatively measured from afar. Try driving a school bus. Oh, the kids are at home too. That’s going to be a big help to those working at home. Try being a plumber. How about working in retail? How about so very many jobs? Not only do the bills start beginning to not be paid but the necessary services to keep it all going, this rolling ball of civilization, begins to fail. What about heat and cooling? Who’s going to run the utility companies or go out on calls?  The insanity of this truly amazing hype over a flu that has yet to be proven to be deadly in any extraordinary way is astounding. Flights to everywhere are now only half full. If you were planning to fly somewhere and already have reservations then get on the airline website and choose new seats because you can sit almost anywhere on those recently emptying flights now.  This flu ought to be renamed alright. It should be called the Media Virus.  They also ought to make that hand sanitizer stuff with regular alcohol instead of denatured. Then, when you rub some on your hands you can drink the rest and very quickly feel much better about your chances of making it out here.

This disease, or flu, or cold, is a tabloid presentation of today’s mass media that has become accustomed to jarring, idiotic and outrageous stories each and every day to profit from. With respect to this virus, they won’t stop (the mass media), and so the world complies and it stops. To what end?  The stock markets of the world have cratered to the point of losing almost three trillion dollars in worth. Of course, when stocks go down other things go up, like cash in offshore accounts, treasury bonds, gold and so on.  People are buying up stuff in grocery stores because they believe this news about the supposedly devastating effects of a mythically-founded virus that does not really have the kind of mortality it is touted to be likely to have. As it is proving, if one is to believe the figures at all, it is simply another flu sweeping across the countries of this planet, but don’t tell that to anyone about to go on a vacation or commit to being part of any large group.  Hollywood is trotting out dire disease movies where most of the population dies and just a few miserable survivors are left roaming what’s left…which is mostly nothing.

I am reminded of the Pulitzer Prize going to a book called “The Road” a few years back. What a rotten novel and what a rotten concept…but there it was, still winning the prize. In today’s world, except for those already very weak and ill or very, very poor, there will be no diseases that kill most of the population. Human civilization has come too far for that.  But there will be mass media that kills, maims and impoverishes billions out of a thirst for money and power. Just read the headlines.

The virus has reached a hundred thousand people and a few thousand have died. What is the population of the planet? How many people do poverty and starvation kill? There’s no real interest there, however. It is almost like a feeding frenzy of misery that so many people really want to believe in and have happen.  Something else to watch develop, that’s for certain.
~ James Strauss


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