Letters to the Editor

Take Lake Geneva back. I’m not a Lake Geneva resident, therefore, I am unable to vote in the upcoming election. However, being a small business owner in town, I have a vested interest in the outcome.  Lake Geneva is in grave danger with the current administration. An administration deaf to the demands of its citizens, as the miss-handled debacle of Hillmoor demonstrates. An administration deaf to the voice of small business owners and prone to potentially illegal bullying as my own issues with the city continue. An administration with its own self-serving and greed induced agenda, an agenda supported by only a very small, elitist group with lining their own pockets, their only goal as shown by the ridiculous desire to close Wrigley Drive and South Lake Shore Drive. This is politics at its lowest form.

With great admiration, I have observed the attendance at city council meetings, as they have increased dramatically. Proof of the citizen’s awareness of Lake Geneva’s precarious position. The citizens of Lake Geneva have embraced my business for many years. For that, I send out my love and thanks. Now, I ask you to do something for me and yourselves. Take back your city! Please vote!

Bob Lee, Bob’s Beach Shack, Lake Geneva


Hi guys: I had some errands to run this AM.  Noticed the following regular gas prices:

  • Williams Bay:$2.14 & $2.14
  • Lake Como: $2.14
  • Elkhorn:$2.24, $2.14, $1.99,  $1.99,Yes $ 1.99
  • Lake Geneva: $2.29, $2.29, and $ 2.29

How do you spell gouge?

A friend of mine who managed the gas station on the corner of  H  and  Grant St.  told me that if prices in Lake Geneva were to change, it is discussed by phone by all of the stations for the new price. That’s why you go to town and all of them are the same price and two days later, they are all at a new price.  Coincidence? I don’t think so! Just another reason to live in Lake Geneva, along with Hillmoor, Big Foot and Wrigley Drive. Oh, and the master plan and the secret and hastily scheduled meetings. You all know the dirty little secrets.

P.S.  Keep up the good fight

Don DeBaere, Lake Geneva

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