What happened to merit in the American culture?   There is no measurement for merit, educationally or otherwise, these days for holding any office. Merit is simply gone from college and professional sports when it comes to education or the work one might do before moving to either the big college teams or the pros. Where is merit, credentialed merit, when it comes to the people who are talking to the general public on its television sets? It does not exist.  College professors are being asked nothing and mostly the television and newsprint pundits are nut jobs with strange hair and clothing. Hollywood, New York publishing and so much more have been reduced to nepotistic centers of advancement and wealth for the powers that be…and their children and relatives. Is there any wonder that quality has gone down the drain?  Intellect throughout the social order is not passed on, normally, from the parents to their children. It does not work that way in genetics. The larger the gene pool the healthier it becomes in every area, including intellect. These immigrants, people of color integrating ever deeper into mainstream society, the growth of Chinese, Indian and Japanese college graduates and more…all increase the quality and survivability of the greater gene pool. We have known this in the social sciences for more than a hundred years.  But, this brutal sociobiological and deadly fight for the success of one’s spawn goes on and remains about the most-lied about thing in all of the social order.  Just turn on a television, find a scripted show and listen to the writing. It is mostly crap today because it is written by little more than idiots who have the job because of their parent’s ownership of the medium.  This same behavior pervades almost every facet of society today, including the façade of wildly speculative mass media reports about the coming of some mega-super virus of enormous proportions.  Where are the doctors, the lawyers, the skilled diplomats and those who have real educations, credentials and life experience handling such problems? They do not get to speak out.

There is to be no school, no large meetings, no social interaction, all due to a virus that has not been determined statistically to be that big a threat?  What is the world’s media expecting here, and what are country leaders wanting when the world basically comes to a standstill? I don’t get it. It’s a flu and it’s not at all like the swine or Spanish flu of 1918 because back then they had no anti-viral stuff, no CDC, no antibiotics and certainly not the existing multi-trillion-dollar medical complex of America. The country lacked proper and universal purification of basic water supplies back then, and on and on and on.  This new supposedly world-effecting and world-shaking disease is a flu, and using the word “pandemic,” prematurely and flagrantly, just heats the hell up out of everything. In the last few years, the mass media outlets have become so tabloid oriented that they have deadened the ability of the public to receive education about almost anything…and this new media can only survive with daily doses of outrage and effervescing emotionalism. And so we go on with economic disaster brought on by almost nothing at all, ignoring humans of merit, scholarship, and intelligence without the ability to inform and then take corrective action.  It is almost like the lyrics from a popular old song: “…making love out of nothing at all.

Is America not making rolling human discomfort and misery out of nothing at all?

~~James Strauss 

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