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Rescue and recovery this last weekend on the ice.
The Fontana Fire and Rescue units, just before noon on Sunday, responded to a call regarding two people stranded on the ice of Geneva Lake. The two people became trapped on the ice after the area they were standing on broke away from the main sheet of ice. Airboats from Fontana Fire and Rescue were called out and mutual aid was provided from Lake Geneva, Delavan Fire Departments,  and the Walworth and Fontana Police Departments. The boats were able to locate the civilians stranded out on the sheet of ice and personnel aboard brought them to safety. This was not the only ice issue over the weekend. Bloomfield/Genoa City Rescue also responded to a call late afternoon on Sunday, regarding someone who had gone through the ice. Onlookers with binoculars at a nearby condo unit noticed a person on a pond behind Townline Road, and then noticed he had fallen through the ice. The Bloomfield Genoa City rescue was assisted by several surrounding departments, unfortunately, the rescue efforts were not a success. The mission turned into a recovery. The Delavan Fire and Rescue were also busy early on Sunday morning sharpening rescue skills and airboat training. Little did they know they would be putting their skills to use so soon, as Delavan assisted with both calls. The weather was warm all weekend and is expected to continue that way. The ice is never guaranteed to be safe and it has reached a point of not being safe at all. Stay off the ice…please!

Thin Ice?

Ice is never truly safe and with the continued warmth it’s definitely not safe. Stay off!



All those running for city offices care about the City of Lake Geneva or they would likely not be running for office.
How they choose to care may be different. The analogy of a puppy owner caring for a puppy as a pet versus a puppy owner raising a puppy to sell it, comes to mind. Both care about their puppy, but how they care is different. One has an emotional attachment to the puppy and the other has a financial interest in the puppy.  Therein may describe the differences among the candidates running for city offices in April. Some have an emotional or caring interest in the city and a concern for the residents, while others have a personal interest in the financial development of the city. In a similar way, there is a difference between a jeweler who has a vested interest in selling a diamond ring versus a purchasing couple who no doubt have a vested interest in the ring that far exceeds the monetary value of the ring. The difference is not in the ring, the puppy or the city but how one sees the ring, the puppy and the city. If one sees with the heart, then that particular representative will vote with that heart, the same as that person might take care of the puppy, a loved one and the city, versus one who thinks his other wallet and profits from the puppy, the ring and the city.

With time, those voting with wallets will soon find that the wallets replace their hearts.  The City’s first Comprehensive Plan was written from, and with, the heart by citizens, whereas, Draft #3 was written from and with wallet-minded business interests. The real value of life is in the heart and not in the pocketbook, but one of the two will rule Lake Geneva because it can’t be both. Whether you oppose or support Draft #3, your actions will reveal whether the content of your heart is love or a wallet.

On April 7th of this year everyone will know what is in the hearts of the majority of the citizens in the City of Lake Geneva who vote, because in this spring election, unlike recent local elections, there is a clear choice from which to choose those who will represent Lake Geneva’s residents and those resident’s interests.

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