This day, here after the unlikely (but very real) beating down of a strange unseasonable snow blizzard, delivered so late in the season it seems as if it came out of some science fiction movie, I wonder about life. Don’t you wonder about life on occasion, although there are not many places or people to take any kind of dialogue about such a topic to as most anyone might want to back away? Monty Python and the Meaning of Life. So very funny, that team and the resulting movie, but was it that funny, and is it that funny, really? What is the meaning of life on the day you read this article, snow or no snow? I am listening to Madonna, the aging rocker, continuously repeat her brilliant song lyrics in the song called Like a Prayer. ” Life is a mystery.” “It’s like a dream to me.” “When I hear your name, it feels like home.”

I put songs on repeat sometimes in my office or using the iPhone earbuds, just to burn the lyrics and melodies into the center of my mind. Life is fascinating on this planet, although seldom totally comfortable or peaceful. We, humans, seek those two things, comfort, and peace, although I wonder if there’s complete truth to that, either. Adventure sells big time today. My personal definition of adventure is probably, after my years in the field and in military combat, not likely to be close to being what might be another adventurer’s definition of the same thing.

Here’s mine: “doing something dangerous that has a happy ending.” Of course, if the ending isn’t happy, then the adventure descriptor is taken off and the word ‘tragedy’ substituted in its place. I don’t seek adventure anymore. I don’t seek ennui either. But those things still seem to find me. However, I was formed up out of the ooze, that talent or curse, of those things finding me, has been there and remained here with me, all my life.

What about you? What are you thinking?

Sunday morning in Green Bay. Trump went there to visit the base he has sublimed out of northern Wisconsin, but almost nobody really noticed. Maybe that is the only answer to this reality nightmare the mass media has descended upon us with Trump’s assistance and insistence. The media must quit covering the prevarications up. But, it’s not likely they will stop. The mass media will repeat whatever drivel it is handed in order to attract attention, like the bad drunk at the family get together, except in the media’s case it’s all about money. In the end, the drunk at the party got the attention, and the fact that the event was ruined for everyone else there didn’t matter, because it was not ruined for the damaged person who ruined the occasion. Humanity comes in all assortments and types, and the Internet has sure proven that. Humans come forward on the Internet and they get attention, and when they can’t get the attention by writing or saying anything that’s erudite, clever or intelligent, they get it by attacking or being simply awful.

Those of us who’ve built anything on the Internet can share horror stories about the trolls. How does modern civilization become ever more advanced in dealing with these people? Currently, there is nobody who can. The laws also favor trolls, in that the statute of limitations in most states is one year. A person so damaged can’t even assess their loss in that amount of time. The change of having to have real identification to express yourself on the Internet is coming. Many have opposed it, because of the loss of freedom of expression it will entail, but almost everyone can also see the necessity of this requirement coming.

Without rules, and then the enforcement of the rules, there is no civilization, there are only roving bands of screaming and complaining apes.

~~James Strauss

Featured image by Thomas Kincade




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