Lest we forget! There are 6.1 million miles of lead pipe, or lead-soldered pipe, supplying water to tens of millions of homes and hundreds of millions of citizens in the U.S. as this article is written. The stupefaction factor that this could be going on here is amazingly absent, however. Yes, most Americans understand that a big part of the Roman empire falling apart was all about the aristocratic and higher classes consuming lead from their water of the time, and also because of using leaden vessels for drinking all manner of drinks. So, why has nothing been done about the dumbing down a high lead content in our bodies causes? Nothing has been done, or very little. One-half of one percent of the pipes across the nation are being replaced each year. It’ll take two hundred years to convert all the pipes! Also, please never ever forget that the mean (as in, average) I.Q. is really 100. That’s not very high, at all. Half the population is moving in mental molasses and the other half refuses to understand or won’t accept that result.

When you speak to someone who still remains committed to Trump, for example, and accepts that the election may have been stolen from him, believes that he doesn’t lie, and still claims he won the election…and so much more…well, you do the math here. That doesn’t mean these people are dumb, it simply means that their definition of what’s right and your own is considerably different. The nation is built upon the principle that all men (and women) are created equal. It is not founded upon the principle that all men and women have the same talents, at all. The next time a person mentions how smart he or she might be then just wait. They will probably forget where they left their keys or the way out, or the way home. There is a responsibility on the part of all Americans to maximize the use of their talents and to grow and foster them. The movie, Forest Gump was all about exactly that and was wildly popular because it so well illustrated what I’m writing about here.

How can a caring person not feel bad for Donald Trump? Oh, I get mad all right. He’s hurt my country and I love my country. But the country is even tougher than me and can take the hit. Democracy is so important that it is worth putting up with the success of its process even when it provides such an awful example of its result. I believe. I follow the New Testament although I’m very argumentative about the meaning of the scripture. I think that the New Testament applies here, however, and in just about everything else. We must turn the other cheek and move on, and that means doing and thinking the same to those who got swept along in the mentally unstable current of Trump’s time in office. I am color blind. Really color blind. My grand-children, when younger, showed me color pictures when they found out I was that colorblind. I tried my best to pass their ‘tests.’ When I could not tell red from orange or green, for that matter, they yelled louder and louder about what the right color was. I had to tell them that I was color blind, not hard of hearing. The people who have followed Trump so heartily are a form of ‘color blind.’ The rest of us need to stop yelling at them. They don’t see what we see. We think we see what they see but, in truth, since I am colorblind and have been for my whole life, I can tell you that what I, and they, see is not really explainable or viewable by everyone else. Let’s stop trying. We have four years of some kind of ‘morning calm,’ as the Korean’s would say (Korea, the word, means morning calm), so let’s recover and heal and prepare a healthy vibrant economy and recovered good order for the next populist figure who turns up and is elected. We got through this one, so we can handle another. God bless America.

~~James Strauss

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