Nobody seems to want to talk about what might happen if Trump does not make it. Would another republican step into his shoes and try to win votes at the last minute? Would the Republicans in the electoral college be forced back into a meeting to ratify another candidate? There’s nothing in the Constitution that I can find that covers this potential situation. These are perilous times and getting more perilous as each day goes by. We are less than a month before the election. How is it that the appointment of another Supreme Court Justice has almost faded from the news? Amazing! Trump is down, but not for the count, at least not yet. What is to be done by self-respecting people who are not like him or the people that blindly follow him (or worse, they do so with wide-open eyes!). It would be better if the president recovered and stood for re-election. I don’t know what will happen if he can’t, and neither does anybody else apparently.

Now, as a nation, and a people, and a culture, and a society, can we sympathize with someone who’s proven, time after time, that he does not seem to give one tiny damn about other person’s suffering? How do we feel sorry for a man who’s derided the wearing of masks, the social distancing, and all the rest, without sympathy, or this reality facing him this very minute? Do we ask God to ‘make his face shine upon’ Trump, in his time of need?

The non-existent disease of Covid-19 strikes down the non-existent president and his rather stiff and diffident wife. It is a shame that true confirmation of the existence of the virus and it’s being spread in large crowds of people not wearing masks has to be introduced to both of them in this ‘in your face’ way. I don’t wish the virus to anyone, including those two people. The president is suffering from serious symptoms of the virus, as well as testing positive. Does that mean he will quarantine for two weeks in and out of the hospital? We already know he will not likely take the virus seriously, even now, or stop tweeting or providing Mussolin-type made up for Hollywood kind of shows of strength. It doesn’t look like his advisors have finally reached him. Nor, possibly, the harsher symptoms of the virus.  The virus is capricious and can be harsher in the second and third weeks, or even later. Trump cannot continue like he did at the debate and win, and maybe he’s figured that out. Will the virus, saying he survives it, be the best thing that could have happened to him? I’m sure his wife has to be mad about being forced to attend all the mask-less events and for believing his fiction about the virus being mostly made up. The “Q” people take this one in the ear. It’s hard, really hard, but I will say a prayer for this guy and his wife. I am not one of them, as you are aware, and I, if I get the virus, will not expect a prayer back from them. They simply are not built that way, which brings us to Matt Drudge and the Drudge Report.

Matt Drudge. What can one say about this creature? The product of two very progressive liberal parents, this man saw a way to take advantage of the core right wing and vault it and these miserable human beings serving the president to the forefront, fame and fortune. He did this by creating the Drudge Report. The rest is history. His report, in an important way, was responsible for the rise of Trump and the scandal and decay of the Clinton clan leadership. Now, the Drudge Report is changing its spots and going progressive. It has abandoned Trump in his great time of need. This giant rat is leaving the sinking ship. I hope all liberal progressives out there see this move and what is behind it. So many just ride along for the money. Drudge has no belief structure. He simply hunts for what pays and then races there. Whore is too nice a word to use for this kind of low life scum. As much as I oppose the administration under Trump I cannot admire the behavior of those who seem to somehow have now ‘seen the light’ because of one debate. There have been plenty of violations along the way to easily observe. Nothing in the debate was new, when it comes to taking a long look at the broken Trump. We should all be feeling sorry for him as we vote for Biden. I am sorry that he was allowed into office (Trump). I’m sorry that he’s now even more miserable in life than he was before. I’m sorry he’s mentally unstable. I’m sorry for him, but I need a real return to elegance, intellect and quiet governing capability. I hope progressives and conservatives alike will vote for Biden and not allow Drudge back into their numbers.

~~ James Strauss



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