Hello GSR!

I have a question that maybe someone can get an answer for. South shore drive near the LG Yacht Club and Kringle Store experiences vehicles of every kind speeding dangerously down these hills. There used to be Linn and Fontana police patrols stopping speeders but no more. It is ridiculous how fast the vehicles are traveling with absolutely no worries. There have been accidents when pulling away from the Kringle store but yet no patrols. We who live on Oak Shores association have asked for police supervision from the Linn police but received only a token sure we will try. If anything the area would benefit from the speeders revenue if tickets were issued. Please let me know if you would post this or if I should reach out to another source.

  Randy Bilthouse  


Ed:  This paper, over the last ten years of its existence, has never received a letter to the editor asking the general public to speed up.  There are no statistics available publically, about speeding on that section of the road you wrote about.  The limit, right there, is 25 MPH.  Maybe the Town of Linn might try putting up one of those electronic speed control signs nearby.



Dear Mr. Strauss:

This past Friday we had occasion to visit Lake Geneva for a weekend getaway as we have done in past years. While my fiancée and I were shopping I had further occasion to pick up and read the September 23, 2020, edition of the Geneva Shore Report, which was available to the public at the entrance of one of the commercial establishments in downtown Lake Geneva. While my fiancée was shopping inside that store, I remained outside seated on a public bench, reading that publication.                  

The article entitled Living Here detailed the devastating effect that the Corona Virus has had, particularly upon locally owned small businesses. Then, on the following page, I came across the editorial written by James Strauss. Why such an editorial was allowed to be printed in your publication and disseminated in a local business location is beyond me. If you wanted to exacerbate the devastating effect of the virus upon locally owned small businesses, you could not have done a better job. Strauss’ vitriolic diatribe and expression of political hatred were not well received. The article of clothing that my fiancée intended to purchase was returned to the rack, and we left Lake Geneva without making any purchases. Upon returning home, I have discussed the Op/Ed article with several of our friends. Their responses were not favorable to the Lake Geneva business community.

Very truly yours, Gerald A. Venkus, Darien, WI.


Ed:  We understand those who do not agree with our editorial board with respect to supporting this president.  Our newspaper is known for taking stands, and nothing about that has changed over the last ten years.  The staff of the paper does not intend to upset or offend the general public, but it does intend to take a stand, as it has done, time after time, about this president. We are not sorry that this stand offends you.  We are happy that you chose to write and share the paper with your friends.


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