The ferocity of this coming election becomes more apparent every day, not to mention the money being made by people writing ‘tell-all’ books about the major players. I’m not sure I’m happy about that because I feel some things can be overblown simply to sell the books. Facts are hard to come to a conclusion about these days, ever since the Trump administration took office almost four years ago. I think people should listen to what he says and watch how he conducts himself, just like they should do with Joe Biden. Does that mean they should also listen to things like the tapes made by Woodward? Yes. The tapes are more important than the book, not to mention what it reveals about the fact that Trump stated things to that reporter at all and allowed taping of the conversations.

As a veteran of the Vietnam conflict, I must admit that I have absolutely no use for Mr. Trump, and his disparaging of McCain and all veterans, which is really despicable, especially in light of how he would not allow himself to go. I guess there was ‘nothing in it’ for him. But he’s believed to be a warrior and real tough. He does not go to church either, but he’s believed to be very holy. I did not want our choice for a president in November to be what it is, just like I did not want the same thing last election. I have not truly liked a president since George Bush Sr. and that’s a long time ago. I wish Trump did not have the kind of damage he suffers from, just like I wish the real White House I worked in and out of was anything like West Wing, the television show.

My wishing changes nothing. Trump’s magic is that he was able to somehow, turn his leadership into a cult thing, a rare thing historically. QAnon of the national political world. QAnon, where mothers drive around looking to follow ‘cabal’ members of the evil left-wing who are also driving around with stolen kids so they can violate them in ungodly ways, and/or supposedly drink their blood! Never forget that 20% of the public really does believe the world is flat. 57% of the entire Republican Party believes in demons as being real in our lives. One would think that scientific proof, which has fueled the rise of civilization as we know it, would have a place of higher regard. Sometimes it is astounding how much total garbage is believed and how it drives so much of our course of action.

What is the election going to come down to? Not something as a result of the ads run by both sides, and not something that’s predictable, and also not something that is likely to end up in a result that most of the population can feel comfortable with. Life changed. Trump, the virus, the increasing income disparity, the racial tensions rising sky high, social distancing, masks and more have all intruded to make life wilder than the wildest reality show. Most of the reality shows that have been made, seem easier going, more forgiving and “nicer” than life in America right this minute.

I wonder what number of that polled 55 percent of white male voters for Trump is paying attention to the news pouring out of everyone’s television sets these days?

The Woodward stuff in his new “Rage” book is not nearly so disconcerting and worrisome as listening to the actual tapes of Trump talking. How can he survive having so minimized the warning of coming deadly results of the virus, and then revealing that he did so on purpose? How many more people must die as a result of not believing it was that serious, not to mention the believers in Trump who got it and died? How can the new whistleblower from the Department of Homeland Security reveal that White Supremacy thugs and gangs and groups can be ignored, along with any Russian involvement in our elections, but Black Lives Matter must be investigated? The whistleblower is a republican appointed guy! Following the veterans’ mess, how can Trump simply weather on through stuff like this? This garbage coming out is all new territory for any president throughout this country’s storied history. How can Trump’s people, like his communications spokesperson, say he never said the Woodward tape stuff? First, we are asked to not believe our lying eyes, and now it is our lying ears. Do the 55 percent still heavily supporting Trump lost their vision and hearing? If they haven’t then what disconnection has taken place in what is left of their minds?

~~James Strauss


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